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[singlepic=15,160,120,,right]You can play as spidey’s enemies or spidey himself. However, is this enough to please the fans or gamers? Well for me, Spider-Man Friend or Foe is just not up to the mark. Simplistic storyline plus repetitive gameplay makes the game simply a flock. In addition, the difficulty of the game is just too easy. Features of Co-Op play and versus modes are present but still, these modes and additional features are just passable and can be overlooked without needing to feel any sense of regret. Luckily the sound effects, music etc and voice-acting help to improve the game and thus making me give it a passing mark.


Very simplistic and most probably targeting the younger audience. When I say younger, I mean really young such as ages from 8 to 12 maybe? It starts off with an introduction scene whereby spidey meets some of his enemies such as venom and after that, his enemies all vanish. Spidey is then drafted by Col. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D and brought aboard a “helicarrier” for a quick mission briefing. Somehow, it turns out that someone is using symbiote-soaked meteorite shards to control the minds of the supervillians. Actually with all that said, you most probably know what will happen in the end, what spidey got to do etc. It is really simple. There are neither twists nor surprises in the storyline. Like I said before, it is very straightforward. Continuing from where we stop; it will be Spider-Man’s job to defeat them, recruit them, and fight along with them to find the mastermind.

Hello Mr. Green Goblin, long time no see!


The menus are very straightforward and simple. No need to be complex to gain high marks and friend or foe has proven it. Simple and clean buttons to navigate through the different features and options. However, one thing I hate most is the lack of camera features. You cannot rotate the view, zoom in or out nor look left or right. The camera view is all locked up. Sometimes it can be rather frustrating for the player when he needs to look at certain things. With all that said, you should not need to worry about the camera as the game is too straightforward and simple thus just viewing the locked camera can help you finish the game within hours without a sweat. Features such as versus mode are not outstanding at all and the Co-Op mode during missions are just passable.


Voice-acting and sound effects are the best in this game. Humor contributed by spiderman is funny at first, but gets too repetitive after playing a level or so. Different interactions between the side characters and spiderman can help make the game much more interesting from the boring gameplay. Sound effects added such as when you slam an enemy on the floor giving a loud “boom” helps enhance player’s experience and also portrays out the damage given to the enemies. Introduction or every level is desperately in need for more as it is simply the best part of the game. Introduction to every new level is given by the computer and proves to be the most entertaining factor as it is funny, interesting and yet informative as it tells you what you are going to expect in the further missions ahead under that level. However, because of that, it seems as though just watching this introductory videos to the level is enough for you to summarize the whole level. Basically everything you want to know, or need to know is said in the video. Everything else you do not want to know is not possible as you already know about it long ago. What I mean is since gameplay is repetitive, the bosses just have different models and names, you practically know what exactly is going to happen without much thinking!


Boring, uninteresting and once more, boring.

Battle System

The battle system is as per normal, nothing much unique or new. Punch punch grab throw boom! In addition, you can use your web to grab enemies from afar and either throw them to the air and continue doing some combos, or simply smash them onto the floor. Shooting some web bullets (are those correctly called?) can cause serious damage and you can even upgrade them to make them become dangerous explosives! Lastly, you can spin a web around your opponent and resulting in them being stunned for a moment or two while you humiliate them by slapping their faces. However, all those are not needed at all! With such retarded enemies and simple bosses, you just need to use normal attacks to win. By the way, none of your special attacks can work on bosses. So anyways, like I was saying, normal attacks such as punches can get you to the last stage. Thus there is no need to worry about upgrading or buying new attack moves as they are merely just for show (special effects etc).

Upgrading System

After every mission when you return back to the helicarrier (your base), you can spend tech points (the currency for upgrading stats and skills) at the upgrading corner. You can buy new skills or upgrade them to become much stronger. Also, slight RPG elements are added such as you being able to upgrade your character’s health and attack power. This definitely gives players the drive to play on to try archiving more tech points to upgrade their skills to make themselves look much stronger (and cooler). However I use the word “looked” as all of the upgrading is totally unnecessary. Moreover, you can also upgrade your side characters so as to make them more useful in the battle field.

Enemy/Friend AI

The enemy are fantastically easy and stupid. To make up for that, Activision (the company behind the game) made your friend retarded as well. Because of that, you find a challenge trying to resist the temptation to kill your friend as he simply is useless when it comes to fighting. Of course he does deal some damage to the enemies but, darn how do I explain this, the way he fights is simply atrocious and even with such stupid enemies he/she can die. Yes, your friend can die. Fret not though as it is not the end of the world as your characters have unlimited lives and would respawn almost immediately after their deaths.

Green goblin and spidey teams up against the phantoms

Co-Op Mode

Two player on the same computer going through the same boring and easy missions. There is nothing much to say except that it would be much more fun as both you and your friend criticize the game together.

Versus Mode

It is not as fun as marvel versus capcom series but still, at least it is something else added to try make the game better. Effort shown but results still matters the most. Speaking of the versus mode, all other side characters suck to the core except for spiderman. Thus go ahead and quarrel with your friend over whom to use spidey or negotiate terms onto spidey being ban in the arena.

Repetitive Missions

Yep, repetitive missions is one of the feature of the game! STOP READING ON AS SPOILERS ARE FOLLOWED AFTER 3 … 2 … 1… Level 1 Mission 1 fight enemies no boss. Level 1 Mission 2 fight enemy no need fight boss, get new side character. Level 1 Mission 3 fight enemy no boss. Level 1 Mission 4 fight enemy and fight boss. Get new character. That goes for all the way to the last level. Sorry, I recited out the whole game for you already. Blame me if you want, I have already warn you before you read on.

Gameover – no such word found in the game

You die, you get respawned. The only thing you lose is your tech points. That is all. Except for bosses when you die, you start again (fighting the boss not the whole mission)


Cartoony styled models and environments are not breath-taking. For current generation, such graphics are considered let downs however looking at their targeted audience, the graphics definitely are suitable. Runs smoothly with low-end PCs and younger audiences might like such graphics style. For hardcore gamers, these are just not for you.


Spiderman fans, you got to have it. Playing the different enemies of spiderman can give a rather unique experience and as always, playing as your idol spiderman himself can be very rewarding. Younger readers, you can try it out but if you dislike it, do not blame me. My whole review is rather negative towards the game. Hardcore gamers, give this a pass, you will not lose anything. All in all, for the price tag it has on the game, I believe that having it or not will not be much of a worry. If you have already bought it, try selling it or simply donating it to some charity organizations. There is no point onto keeping the game as it simply has no replayability value at all unless you want to keep the box cover as a memento or a collectable. Just a side note if you need something relaxing or simple, this game might be good for you. For example your examinations just finished and you need to like calm yourself down.

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4 thoughts on “PC Spider-Man Friend or Foe Review”

  1. i thought you said spidey was fun? o.O

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  2. It was, just repetitive.

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  3. Spider man on the PSX was great, actually. It lost it’s potential long time ago. If I’d point out to a game I really like, it would be Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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  4. How can you compare MUA with this kind of game?! It’s just not right.

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