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VPS / DIY NAS: Initial Steps before Going Live

I’ve moved from a shared hosting provider to a virtual private server (VPS) provider for quite some time already. Having purchased an unmanaged solution, I had to learn how to set everything up myself. The first time was pretty time consuming as I was worried mainly about security and thus spent much time researching for the best practises before letting my VPS go live. Since then, I’ve moved host twice and during these moves, I spent much time again doing the very same thing. Not wanting to spend any more wasted time researching the same things over and over again, I decided to document the steps I took. Here are some steps that you can consider and follow before letting your VPS or DIY NAS go live.

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DIY NAS – Basic Security: Firewall (iptables)

Now that you have learnt how to enable global access to your server, you should prepare your server to be ready for the outside world. There are many different measures that you can take to prevent your server from being compromised. One of the more “straightforward” methods is to setup a firewall. This tutorial will show you and guide you to do just that.

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