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Knocked Out but Still Alive

What a way to finish off the term! Being hit with a rather serious colon virus infection, I finished off the final week of the term in the hospital not being able to do much. Started having stomach cramps at the very Friday last week (TGIF anyone?) and got discharged this very Friday as well (TGIF anyone?). I was hit with fever like how a rollercoaster track goes about and the stupid virus prevented me from eating anything. Occasional pains can be felt under my tummy (no it is not a baby) and there was this ever present bloated feeling. Hospitalized for roughly 4 days but sick for almost a week. No fun, it was no fun at all. Continue reading

Ill Twice in Two Months

Recently, my body has been fragile and weak. It doesn’t help when there is a flu bug going around school and a swine flu spreading around the world. It sucks to be sick. I remembered I once said that I felt like going to school more than staying at home. That is mainly because school is kind of fun although I do complain a lot about the homework and stress. Still, friends are there, teachers are fun, time though at times seem to pass slowly is well spent. Even if I’m sleeping during lessons, I felt that I’ve felt that the time spent was fruitful. Don’t ask me why, it is just a feeling. I’ve got a feeling, that the next few days won’t go too well for me. Sick since last Friday; head aching, body aches, fever going up and down like a roller coaster. However, I still went to school though since in the morning I feel fit like a fiddle. Continue reading