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Shoot to Kill HD Review

Shoot to Kill is an action arcade survival game for the iPhone as well as the iPad. This review is based on the HD version for the iPad. The gameplay and overall feel to the game should, however, be similar for both devices. The basic outline of the game is to simply shoot your way through the depths of hell and survive till you get out of it. Yeah, don’t ask me how the hell you smuggled a gun in. Read on for the review. Continue reading

Cat Run AirAttack Astro Dodge iPhone Games Review

SwiftWorld iPhone Games Round-Up

From cats running across roads to flying war planes and to space ships, we have them all in this iPhone Games Review round-up! Cat Run is a fun arcade style game where the objectives are similar to that of the classic game called Frogger and the gameplay style is that of Flight Control. AirAttack is an arcade shooter where you simply shoot down enemies as they come and stay alive to win the level. Astro Dodge is an asteroid game where you stay alive and collect points. Read on for a more detailed review of the games. Continue reading

Angry Viking SnoShred Green Jump iPhone Games Review

We have angry Vikings going on rampage, exciting snowboarding action and green peace awareness games to share with you! Yup in this round-up of iPhone/Touch games review, we have these three games of totally different genres. Angry Viking is an action survival game, SnoShred a snowboarding sports game and Green Jump an arcade styled game that donates 25 cents for every purchase at the appstore. Continue reading

Jailbreak: Voice Onrush Review

Jailbreak: Voice Onrush is based on a Nintendo DSi Ware game (Escapee GO!) and is ported over to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game has a very simple storyline to it and it goes something like this: You wake up in a cell with no memories of your own. All information of yourself is unavailable and you are being hunted down by an unknown enemy for god knows what reason. You have to run away from these people, escape and save yourself. With the aid of new found powers along the way, you have to succeed in escaping from the enemies’ hands. Continue reading