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Verey I – The Anti-Theft Solution for Laptops?

Me and My Laptop

I will go straight to the point. “No”, it does not help much in preventing your laptop being stolen nor does it help you in retrieving back the laptop. All it does is ask for a password (which adds on to your worries and clogs your brain memory space trying to remember one more password) and if the person gets it wrong, it sends an email with all the useless details (mostly) into your email address. I know within those few sentences above I might seem extremely hostile and harsh towards the software. However, whatever I speak of it is actually true (for me).

Alright, how about me going constructive like how my Literature teacher always teaches me, whenever you state a point, there must be an evidence to support it. If not it is just a useless statement with no substance or potential at all. In other words bullshit. Verey I, is made for the Macintosh first before finally porting over to the Windows operating systems. Whatever it is, I find it not much of a use and not worth the price tag that carries with it.

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