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Windows 8 Memory Leak Fix

Lately, I started noticing that my computer was extremely unresponsive and barely functional at times. I initially thought that it was due to some kind of virus or malware but using reputable anti-virus software and malware scanners proved that my computer was nothing but clean. I then spotted high memory usage out of completely no where. Upon further inspection, the “non-paged pool” section used up to 90% of my RAM (I had 16 GB of RAM installed). Upon further research, I realize that this is a problem that many faced two years back. Somehow I only realize it now.

This particular problem might be affecting users of motherboard or computers with Killer NIC (network interface controller) installed. You might face it out of no where as well. The problem lies within the Windows Network Data Usage Monitor Driver suffering from memory leakage. Apparently it keeps logging and allocating memory to itself to the point that it takes up all available memory. The fix is basically to turn off the Windows driver from starting. Continue reading

Why All the Windows 8 Hate

I have been using Windows 8.1 for quite some time already. It is close to 3 weeks and I have not yet face any ground breaking issues. Incompatibility is pretty much a non-issue and I got every software and hardware working properly. I have to admit that I was slightly afraid of changing from Windows 7 after reading all the horrible reviews and opinions of others. I am glad though that it isn’t that bad as people make it out to be.

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