Spoilt Goes, New Comes

I often hear my mother says that breaking plates/cutleries etc isn’t really a bad thing. For only when they are broken would there be new items coming in. Same goes for my laptop. Just reformatted it twice, once from Windows Vista and another from Windows 7 Beta. Guess what OS I am using now? It is… THE ALMIGHTY WINDOWS XP! Alright, this laptop is old and dying. My dad passed it on to me after he bought a new one and being “tech-savvy” (he loved new stuff), he upgrade/downgrade the computer into Windows Vista. That only spells trouble for with such lousy specifications and such a demanding OS, nothing would go right. I often have to bear with the lag and stuff when the computer was on Vista. I hated the UAC (Account Control thingy) for it disrupts almost every new thing I am installing. It usually takes an hour or so to have to popup coming if the installer was of a huge size. Nevertheless I did live with it for quite some time already and tolerated the lag long enough. However, I being faithful towards it doesn’t mean it would give a damn. It died off due software clashing with the OS and each other resulting in a hearty blue screen every time I startup the computer (after logging in and when the startup programmes are loading)

Ah, thank god it wasn’t because my HDD crashed or anything. It was just a case of programmes hating each other and taking it out on me. Thus I somewhat reformatted the main partition and installed back Windows XP (For I had lost my Vista disk.) However, because Windows 7 Beta was live and ready to be downloaded, I decided to upgrade/downgrade (who knows? But I heard it was better) to it. Never did I expect almost all of my drivers etc not to be working. I had no wireless and no nothing. So I reverted back. It was fun though, and the laptop ran as if it was better than Vista. Promising but when Windows 7 comes out I doubt I’ll be using this laptop anymore.

After reformatting the main partition, I had no software at all. All my usual applications were gone and I had to download/install/find the CDs back. However, because of that, I would have installed the newer versions of the individual applications. Take for example WLM (Windows Live Messenger); I was still using the version 8.something I believe for I was lazy to update it. And upon installing the newest version, it was WOW-fantastic for me. The interface etc looks sleek and stuff. Minor features added in make me grin with excitement and so on. Almost all of my applications had facelifts and features added/improved in. Ah, if my computer had not become depressed, I wouldn’t have all these new stuff. Old goes, New comes. Spoilt goes, buy new one.

I really hope that this laptop will be able to survive till I get a new desktop/laptop (If I ever get one that is). I do have better laptops passed down from my father but I didn’t felt like transferring all my files and setting it up as the specifications weren’t too much of a difference for me to have the will and desire to switch computers. I did request from my parents for a desktop, one that is good of course, but I just have to wait for the economy isn’t doing really well. However, I guess if I do my part and best in my examinations they might be a little more encouraged into buying me a new desktop.

Till then, I will still be living with you my laptop. Yes Windows XP suits you just fine. Here’s a picture of the status of my charger. It was repaired by my handyman father around 4 to 5 times:


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