The History of April Fools Day

April fools is here again. Whether is it tomorrow or the day after depending on your geographical location, it would be great to know a little background general knowledge about the day when you go around pulling pranks on people. This video explains a bit of that very history.

There are all kinds of pranks being pulled in the world. There are all kinds of mediums that these pranks are being carried out. Whether is it digital, real life or in your fantasy dream land, they sure are going to be entertaining for you. Just make sure that the subject you are about to prank won’t turn overly sad or miserable as that will just be, well evil. Be safe and don’t go overboard, that is my rule on this very day. Hey, I don’t actually pull off any pranks, I’m just too lazy to do anything.

As for now, I shall wait for a compilation for the epic pranks pulled off in 2012.

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