True Skin – A Possible Future

What will our future be? What kind of technology will there be, researched and developed in such a way that it changes the way we live completely? “True Skin” is an intriguing video that discusses a possible future, that of memory implantation, augmented reality and loads of blinking neon lights. Video after the break.


Now we’ve come across many videos that describes the future. This is another one that is mind provoking and somewhat philosophical in the sense that it evokes the question of identity and life. The most intruging thought is that of planting memories into another body, such that you live not only forever but can stay young for infinity and beyond. Are memories what makes me me and you you? Don’t want to go all philosophical here but it is quite a nice subject to debate and contemplate with.

True Skin is an amazing video with great style and entertainment. Love one of the top comment in youtube saying that the future sure sucks for people that suffers from epilepsy. Haha, it sure would.

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