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One and A Half Straight Months of Coding

one straight month of coding

For every day over the past one and a half months I have been coding and coding and coding. Coding and scripting during my internship, coding during the time when I get back home and coding during the weekends. Seems good so far, maybe this is really the field that I am truly interested in. Oh and for those of you who are interested in what’s that I’m coding outside of my internship, it is this: MaiMai

Another Academic Year Has Passed

Another Academic Year Has Passed

Year 2 is over! I will be starting my internship tomorrow and it will last all the way till the start of the next academic year. Not much time to rest really. In fact, I doubt I had much rest at all considering how I am now rushing a report which is due hours from this post. Currently taking a break to write down some thoughts before I hopefully get flooded with more work. I must admit, this year has been really tiring for me.

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Mission Keyboard Cleaning 2016

Keyboard after cleaning

Every once in a while you should do some spring cleaning, especially for the peripherals you use frequently. I say that but it has been probably 4 years since I ever cleaned my keyboard (or clean any of my computer peripherals). Today, I cleaned it and it looks so much better. I also hired a office cleaning service to clean the rest of my office. My god is it dirty. This is definitely not for the faint heart or keyboard lovers. Here is what it looks like before cleaning.

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I’ve decided to put up a personal portfolio website on to document and showcase some of the works I’ve done so far. It will be the place where I’ll keep track of current, past and future projects that I am a part of. I’m very new to this web development industry so do let me know if you have any opportunities or advice for a newbie like me!

I still have about 2 years left before graduation. I should be increasing the tempo of personal projects and whatnot during these remaining schooling years. This site,, will continue to be the place where I document my thoughts, publish guides, videos and everything else that interests me (as it has always been).