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The Story of the New Graphics Cards

If you’ve followed my stories, you’ve known that I’ve recently purchased a whole new computer except for the graphics card. This in other words meant that I bought a nice shirt, a nice pants, a nice pair of shoes, funky socks and an awesome pair of sunglasses. However, my undergarment is 3 years old it is starting to itch. I’ve not gotten a graphics card due to the thinking that its price would drop (definitely would) and that I would get a good price for a good card in the near future. It wasn’t too much into the future (Good Friday 10/4/09) that I’ve purchased a graphics card due to some kind of promotion/offer.  Also on that day (Good Friday), my cousin’s uncle told me that he had a spare card for it couldn’t work on his Starhub free computer. That itself acts as an catalyse for the purchase of a new card. Continue reading

The Story of The New Computer

If you’ve been following my twitter posts, or know my personally in life, you ought to realise how much I wanted a new computer (a desktop, not a laptop). I’ve longed for one since the day my laptop decided to tell me that “hey I’m old, so please stop trying to open more than 2 programmes at one shot!” (of course that is exaggerating). I’ve no earning power, therefore I’ve no spending power. The only money source that I had was my parents. Of course I tried my best bargaining so that it benefits both them and myself. I promised to try my best at my first term examinations and if I managed to do so, they would give me a budget of let say $2000 (A lot I know. My parents are that loving to their kids. Always feel guilty when I lose my cool and start shouting at them.) Continue reading

PC Fifa 08 Demo – A Disappointment

The Hype

Seeing the fascinating screen previews of Fifa 08, watching trailers on Fifa 08’s gameplay and reading and hearing interviews, articles etc on how great Fifa 08 is. Indeed I must say, I am really impressed with the text I read and the visual trailers I watch. It got me really hyped up and made me want to have more, whether is it pictures or trailers, I want them all. However, when the long awaited demo came out recently, my hype went down and I was not impressed but depress. It was disgusting (A strong word but it describes the demo really well)

Expecting too much?

The gameplay neither met my expectations nor improved from the previous version (Fifa 07). The graphics were terrible and gameplay the same, if not worst. Of course you people will say that it is just a demo, things will be different when the real thing comes out. But in this real world, first impressions always matters. People still judge the book by its cover. What can I say? I’m glad that at least EA came out with a FIFA 07 replica demo to try impress or let us say to win over Konami’s fans? For heaven’s sake the demo made me want to play Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer even more.

Continue reading

A new beginning

A new blog, a new site, a new beginning.

So far wordpress seems much better than blogger. Plugins themes etc all seems much better. Possibilities is what wordpress provides while blogger provides… hmm those normal boring unoriginal blogging stuff where almost every blogging softwares have now.

I’ll keep it short as I’m still working on the site installing some plugins, and sooner or later the blog will be started fully filled with much content (reviews, news etc)

Thats it, good bye.