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How to dive and cheat

This is a very funny parody and exaggeration of famous soccer diving moments. Some are very recognizable and is definitely worth a laugh whether that soccer player is your idol or not or whether he did actually fall due to unforseen circumstances etc. No offence to any of the fans but this is just for laugh.

A Diving Drogba
And for those who actually want to learn how to so called “cheat” in a match, this video has some tips for you as well. heh, guilty of some of the tricks there when playing with friends. Always funny when you dive and do something real stupid when playing a leisure game of soccer.

Hit the jump for the video. Continue reading

Fifa 2010 Attacking Trailer

This trailer applies only to console versions (PS3/X360), PC Users, I’m sorry but you’ve nothing like this. Yes, be disappointed, be sad. I was before, but now that I have the console version, I’m happier. In the video, the 360 movement doesn’t really look that 360 eh? Hmm, I wonder what tweaks they put into this version this time. Hope these tweaks are enough to justify it being sold as a new game and not just a patch or some sort. Video after the jump. Continue reading

AYG 2009 – Pathetic

Asian Youth Games 2009 Logo
Are you aware of the Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 currently ongoing at Singapore? It is exactly like the Asian Games, except that it is for the youth. Well, I wasn’t really informed about it till they broadcast one of the group stages of soccer on television. I only knew about the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) but nothing about the AYG at all. I was shocked that there was such a thing and even more when I come to know that it is held at Singapore. Why? I don’t think I’m that stupid or ill-informed to not know about such big and somewhat global event. Instead, I’ll blame it on the poor management and organization of the event. Continue reading