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iPhone Rolldoku Review

rolldokuRolldoku is a fresh new take on the concept behind Sudoku. It is a puzzle game that requires you to fill in boxes within a grid and ensure that within each huge box, row and column, there is only one unique individual number (meaning numbers 1 – 9 without any repetition within that row, column or huge box). Instead of filling in numbers at will, rolldoku requires players to roll and scroll through a cylinder of numbers, swap the rows around etc in order to complete the puzzle. Continue reading

Sudoku 2 PRO, Mice Heist and Hellkid iPhone Games Review

Here I am again with yet another iPhone games round-up review. Today I have with me 3 games and the norsk casino slotzo games, 2 of them being reviewed before but must be reviewed again due to awesome updates and changes. I did review the free version of Sudoku 2 but here I am today to present you the PRO version and a review of it. Hellkid was reviewed back then when it was first released as well but due to several gameplay additions and changes, I have to do the game justice by re-reviewing it. Mice Heist is a new action arcade game that I am about to review. Read on for the reviews of the games. Continue reading

iPhone Sudoku 2, Mirror Maze and Ice Road Pinball

Recently (actually some time ago, didn’t had the time to do this round-up) I’ve tried out several games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Since that it is the holidays, I decided to do a round-up review of the following 3 games: Sudoku 2 by Finger Arts, Mirror Maze by Assyria Game Studio and Ice Road Pinball by Matmi. Are you ready for some portable gaming this holiday? Continue reading

Kakuro Mania Review

Kakuro is similar to that of Sudoku. It is a logic puzzle game that is a blend of crossword and math equations. Sudoku is of course more widely known in the world than Kakuro, but that is not the case in Japan (according to Wikipedia). Kakuro’s popularity in the land of the rising sun is high and almighty. Kakuro Mania is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch at a price of $1.99 Continue reading