iPhone Sudoku 2, Mirror Maze and Ice Road Pinball

Recently (actually some time ago, didn’t had the time to do this round-up) I’ve tried out several games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Since that it is the holidays, I decided to do a round-up review of the following 3 games: Sudoku 2 by Finger Arts, Mirror Maze by Assyria Game Studio and Ice Road Pinball by Matmi. Are you ready for some portable gaming this holiday?

Sudoku 2 (Free Version)

Sudoku 2, a game developed by the people behind Hangman RSS and Guess The News (both being extremely well received by the public and myself). It is similar to their other previous games in the sense that the scoring works in the same manner. You fill in a number within the Sudoku puzzle and your score is multiplied by a multiplier depending on the time when you answered. The faster you are, the higher the multiplier. This does not really add much value except that it does give the game a competitive edge. Competitive gamers who love to see their names on the highscore boards will aim to solve as fast as they can. Other than that, it works extremely well as a Sudoku puzzle game. Not only does it serve the purpose fantastically, it is free. There is a PRO version released just a day or two ago which gives more features to the game. Not sure how much better but for what I know as of now, the free version is fantastic. You cannot ask for more from a free game. There are also 3 difficulties to suit the abilities of all users. Great if you want to not only have fun but also work your brains at the very same time during this holiday.

Rating: 8/10

Sudoku 2 Free Appstore Link

The Mirror Maze ($0.99)

The mirror maze is a maze puzzler where you are given two balls, one mirroring the other ball’s movement, with the ability to only control one of the two. The objective of the game is simple. Simply make each of the balls reach their respective ending points without touching any walls of any sort. This game makes you think and make you learn to react accordingly. It is fun and with the twist of several other game factors like wrap gates and such, it makes the levels much more interesting. The only downside for me is the bright poorly done graphics. Yes it is a simple game concept but seriously the blocks and balls on screen could do a lot more of touch up. Other than that not much of a worry, the fun should come even if you don’t like what you are seeing (literally).

Rating: 7/10

The Mirror Maze $0.99 Appstore Link

Ice Road Pinball ($2.99)

Pinball, the good old days at the arcade (though I don’t really play them in arcades or anything) trying to wreck up as much points as possible. This is of course not forgetting the pinball available as one of the windows OS default games. Ice Road Pinball is a pinball game for the iPhone. Controls work fine and smooth, graphically it is competent but I have just some opinion about the overall layout of each table. It is interesting to note that there are 3 connected tables with each being accessible within a single play-through. However, just for me, I don’t like the fact that some of the tables are pretty empty. I mean there seems to be not much going on at times. Having played the Microsoft pinball it seem to have like so much things going on with missions and stuff like that. Ice Road pinball, not really. Not sure it might be just me but it feels just a bit bare for my taste. Game however runs extremely smooth even on the 1st Gen iPod Touch. Good fun but the only concern is the price tag.

Rating: 7/10

Ice Road Pinball $2.99 Appstore Link

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