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Sudoku 2 PRO, Mice Heist and Hellkid iPhone Games Review

Here I am again with yet another iPhone games round-up review. Today I have with me 3 games and the norsk casino slotzo games, 2 of them being reviewed before but must be reviewed again due to awesome updates and changes. I did review the free version of Sudoku 2 but here I am today to present you the PRO version and a review of it. Hellkid was reviewed back then when it was first released as well but due to several gameplay additions and changes, I have to do the game justice by re-reviewing it. Mice Heist is a new action arcade game that I am about to review. Read on for the reviews of the games. Continue reading

WordPress 2.9 Camen Arrives

WordPress 2.9 Camen (in honour of jazz vocalist Carmen McRae) has arrived! Have you upgraded your wordpress yet? There are a few newly added features that are definitely useful for many people. I for one love the new image editing feature, sure it ain’t that powerful but it sufficient enough for some minor editing. Thumbnails for articles and stuff now come built in within the engine itself and you can use it for your new theme and so on. Check out the main site for information on all the changes and stuff.

Hit the jump for the video to introduce some of the features in version 2.9 Continue reading

An Update on my Life

You might be interested or not. But I find that it is very important to update my readers on my site current status as well as happenings on my personal life. I have not been updating my site for almost a week as recently there is not much interesting things to post or blog about. Game reviews that might be coming in before December 7th are as follows: Need for Speed: Prostreet, Eschalon: Book I. Why before December 7th? That is mainly because I am about to go abroad to Melbourne, Australia for a one week holiday. School is around a month away and textbooks ought to have me giving them some attention. Life is as normal as usual except I just got hooked onto the English drama series called Heroes. Started around a week ago, I have recently finished season 1 and now onto season 2. The show was and is AWESOME. Storyline fantastic, actors act well and everything was practically near perfect. You guys ought to watch it if you have not done so and continue to do so if you are as hooked as me. Right, so that is about it. Lack of updates cause there are lack of events that actually interest me. Oh and if you are a ping.sg user or something, you ought to take a look at their official t-shirt that have just been released. Take a look at it:

Ping T-Shirt Design
Have fun and wish you all the best in whatever you guys do!