Indie: Let’s Shooting Love

LSL is a 2-D arena shooter featuring a robot that falls in love with several lovely female robots each with her own unique abilities and atmosphere.

The longer our heroes stay together, the more their relationship will evolve, making them stronger; but this increases the difficulty of the game, too. When they “break up,” the enemies are cleared, but so is the score multiplier. Throughout the game, the robot recalls memories of a love before…

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The story is fine but hard to learn about during the game. The concept behind how the story unfolds is unique but definitely needs some improvement due to the fact that the intense action that is happening almost makes it impossible for the player to read the story. The gameplay is simple and fun. Basically you have 4 types of “weapons” or rather girls that you can choose to take, and then you survive the hordes and hordes of enemies that approach you. The more you kill the more score you get. Using one particular girl for a long time would mean that your score multiplier would increase. Also, as you kill more enemies, the story continues further. However, it is impossible for me (maybe you as well) to read for once my eyes stray to the left of the screen to read something, BOOM I died.

The strategy behind the game differs from girl to girl (different weapons). One was whereby you shoot her in front of you creating a laser between you and her. Any enemy that passes through it gets killed. Another was whereby you just had to hover over the enemies and she would slash them into pieces. The other two were traditional shooters where one was a spray attack and the other launches rockets. I really like the slashing weapon, rather unique in my opinion.

At the end of the game (when you die and have no more continues left), you can read the whole story. Ah what a simple story but the way it unfolds was really what I admire. Not bad and fun to challenge your friends. See who can get most points with the different girls or simple who can get the highest score. Not that easy, especially with the “loyalty” girl. (one whereby you kill enemies when they go in between both of you)

A screenshot for you to see:
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