The Virgin Gold Finally?

Gold Medal - Will I get it?
Will this be the year?

All stations are completed. I am glad that for once I had a chance of getting a Gold in my National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA). However, it is not a 100% yes for the Gold for I had one station whereby I only achieved a “D”. According to the scheme, to get a Gold you must have at least 21/30 points and all stations at least a “C” and above. Exactly which station did I get only a “D”? If you’ve followed my journey in the physical and fitness adventure, it was my Sit-and-Reach. I missed the “C” grade by just merely 2cm. Might be retaking it if my teacher allows it or like he said, if I had gotten the rest of the tests a Gold standard, he would just close an eye and give me that extra 2cm. Bah, I really hope he does or I’ll just keep trying in the next week until I can get that 2 more cm.

If that’s the case, I’ll finally acquire my first virgin Gold. Yes, all my life since primary school I did not have a chance of getting a Gold at all. In fact, I’ve always been getting Bronze then. Slowly promoting to Silver as my age progresses. Perhaps this year would be the year to mark my adventures into the Gold category for the fitness test. Anyways here are the results for the different stations and tests:

Sit-and-Reach D
Pull-ups A
Sit-ups A
Standing Board Jump C
Shutter Run A
2.4km Run/Walk C
Total Points: 23/30

[Image by: unforth @ flickr]

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