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Track And FieldRecently completed part of my National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA). The stations completed were the 2.4km run and the sit and reach. For some background information about my personal physical strength: I ain’t extremely fit, lack stamina and weak in the arms. Terrible at stretching for god knows what reason. Since primary school till date, the best I’ve ever gotten was silver. Never in my life had I gotten a gold. My brother and sister both had gold for years and years continuously except for me. Come on I am average in terms of physical conditions but it just seemed as though I wasn’t fated for gold. Of course, I’ll be aiming for gold by the end of my IB education (year 6).

Anyways, I had my 2.4km run yesterday, Tuesday 7/4/09. I ran and ran as much as I could. My legs surprising hurt more than my lungs. Ran a timing of 11:39 minutes (Grade C I think). Could’ve run much faster if I’ve had known the distance I ran already. Always in my mind, I had an extra one round that I needed to run. This caused me to pace slower in order for me to maintain my stamina throughout the whole run. However, when I realised that I was in my last round already, it was too late. Never mind that though, I’m quite happy with a C already. Just hope I can maintain for the years ahead and best if I can at least get a B or low 11 minutes or high 10s.

After the run, we had the sit and reach. Basically participants are tested on their ability to stretch (flexibility). I always had trouble with this station. I could still remember back then when almost all stations were graded A/B except this particular station. I could only managed a D or E (yes just pass, stop laughing) causing me to drop all the way to silver or bronze. Alright back to the test I took. I poised myself, sat down, strapped myself, stretched. Whammed, 38cm, Grade D. Ah god dammit, there goes the gold again. I might be retaking it later on if I manage to get at least a C for all the rest (allowing me to reach the minimum requirements for Gold I think) of the stations.

What is left is: Pull-ups, Standing Board Jump, Sit-ups, Shutter Run.

Weakest among those listed, pull-ups and the standing board jump. Will try my best to aim for Grade C for both and at least a B for Shutter Run (A of course of sit-ups, it is a given station). If that is the case, I would get a gold (first in my life).

Ah… stupid sit and reach, destroying my chances and hopes every single year.

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