Save 40 Cents to Spend 40 Dollars

Students in my school are generally financially sound. Well, we have a few rich kids in here but I suppose almost everyone comes from an average family in terms of monetary value. The weird thing I’ve noticed is, that some (minority) just have the habit of “forgetting” to pay their bus fares. You see, for students we have that privilege of paying $0.44 per ride no matter the distance (student concession I think). I’ve no idea how and why do some people still not want to pay that amount of money. Come on, compare that with your Crumpler bag and perhaps Nike shoes, what is $0.44? Irony at its greatest.

SBS BusSay you’ve forgotten, the most retard and perhaps (what teenagers like me love to call) lame excuse ever. You see everyone in front of you tapping their cards. You hear the beeping sound as the cards are tapped. What excuse is there to say you have forgotten to tap your card? That is utter bullshit and nonsense. It is ridiculous for one to save $0.44 while spending lavishly without thinking on clothing and accessories. It is even more unbelievable for one to give excuses not to pay for their bus rides.

Say you want to save that $0.44, it would take around 300 bus rides before you actually save enough to buy an expensive branded bag. How about you save that money from the expensive branded bag, and spend it on essential stuff such as transport? If you don’t want to pay for your ride, you walk. It is rubbish to say that you’re trying to save that amount of money. Yea yeah little by little you’ll get a lot but hey why not try using that “saved” money to help out the poor or something ya? Not spend it on luxury goods, and say that you “saved” money or whatever. Even so, whatever the case is it is rightfully and lawfully so that you pay for your ride, so just do it.

Not really pissed off or anything but just felt that I had the need to voice out some opinions in my mind. It is really puzzling and confusing for me as I have no way to comprehend such actions. I guess it would take a great philosopher to explain those students’ action. Perhaps name it the save 44 spend 44444 theory and how the mind and body feels better when saving less and spending more or… ah forget that line.

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