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menuAwesome Soccer (the title of the game) is developed by the indie company that goes by the name of Red27 Studios. The game, like its title says, is a soccer game. The game allows gamers to choose from the many different countries and their different leagues and teams. However like most other soccer games with an exception of EA Sports’ Fifa series, they do not have the licence for the real team logo and stuff. With all that said, Awesome Soccer is a 2D soccer game that is out for both the MAC and PC.offside

I cannot help but say that Awesome Soccer isn’t that awesome like how its title goes. Firstly, the 2D graphics definitely is an eye sore. This doesn’t help with the gameplay options they provide. With all the big developers out there, the only reason why someone would try out Awesome Soccer is due to their computer platform (maybe the MAC users?), or the pricing ($9.95 now but $14.95 in future). It is cheaper than Fifa 10 and PES 2010, but the price difference doesn’t really mean much. I’ll discuss about that in the rest of the review.

Gameplay is like any other normal soccer game. You can pass, shoot, and the objective to score more than your opponent by the final whistle. This however, doesn’t go so smoothly with Awesome Soccer due to the poor controls. You only have the directional keys and 1 action button to do all the different actions. For example pass and shoot are of the same keys. And it simply feels awkward if not frustratingly tough to get used to. The crossing is also weird. To cross, you have to press the directional key opposite of whichever direction you are currently moving in. So to cross from the left flank, you have to face the right first, than press left to cross. It just doesn’t work out for me.replay

Modes available are, normal quick play mode, a tournament mode (which have other sub tournaments for example the euro cup, world cup etc), a league mode (that is rather basic, no transferring of players and such) and a feature that allows you to create your very own tournament or league. Other than that Awesome Soccer has a achievement system put into placed and when you complete a certain objective for example get a clean sheet, you are awarded with it. There is no multiplayer options in the game except for the fact that you can go against a friend on the same computer. (You cannot team with him nor have more than a 1 v 1 match).

What impresses me is the fact that they implemented a few other touches that does make the game a little better. For example the slow motion replay camera is definitely something that is great to have (not that it is original or anything), the ability to see the replay whenever you get an offside or so and of course the shooting after touch mechanic. The after touch mechanic is done so as to trick the goal keeper. Whenever your person shoots, you get a chance to curl it the way you want it. For more experienced players, they are able to curl the ball in one direction and then switching (not ridiculously curling, it is sensible and when you play it you will understand) in the other. All this are great implementations but are simply not enough to justify the reason to actually pick this game up.goldenballs

There is no commentary in the game. Sound effects are dull but I guess is sufficient for an indie game. Crowd cheers feel a little robotic and fake, and the graphics like I mentioned earlier, is simple but not effective at all. As in for this generation, you can either go for an art style that amazes people, or simple amazing realistic 3D graphics. Other than that, 2D has disadvantages, but when done right can be beautiful, but for this case it doesn’t.

The game has potential but I believe it is heading in a wrong direction. Why some indie games are extremely successful, all goes down the originality of the game concept or the beautiful art style it provides. I’ve played many indie games before and this review might sound harsh. But, that is the actual fact. How do you compete with Konami and EA Sports games? Without the money, you can’t. But with the ideas, you might. There is another game I did once review back then, New Star Soccer. It is a soccer game that focuses on a player’s life. Something like a simulation. Graphics are equally simple, but the gameplay is what people pay for. Awesome Soccer? Not so, but with the right gameplay implementations, it might be a little more awesome. I would love to see them focusing more on player life simulation like be a pro? Because EA Sports and Konami ain’t doing so well in that department yet. And if it does turn out good, the game will be awesome. For now, I believe there is still lots of room for improvement.

Awesome Soccer is that of a retro style game and thus targets the people of the previous generation of gaming. Inspired by games such of Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2, this game aims to provide simple, playable fun gameplay. Playability is perhaps of their major concern and maybe that is done right. Fans of the previous generation of gaming might find their past memories when playing this game. I ain’t really born in that era of gaming, so I do not know much about the fun you guys had. For you guys out there, you might want to try the demo out for it might appeal to you much more than it is to me.

Visit their official site for more details: Red27 Studios Developers of Awesome Soccer

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