“If you don’t participate, you will not get the packet of sweets.” How cruel. “It’s alright. Since you’re injured just do your part. Go on then”. Ever since I’ve gotten injured I’m unable to participate in the same activities as the rest. Alright, I’ll just do my part and whatever I can.

After the activity, the kids all went lining up to collect their packet of sweets. I too went queuing up for my share, so I thought. When it came to my turn the respond that I get is, “Sorry, you didn’t participate so no sweets for you.” “But I am unable to participate! I’m injured and I’ve done the best I can in whatever I’m supposed…” “Sorry darling. You’re not a participant so no sweets for you.” How cruel. The logic is simple, so they say. Participation equates to packet of sweets. No participation no sweets. Simple? What about “can’t” participate? No, no no. “Can’t” is a subset of “No”, so they say. Fairness is the main reason behind it. If I get my packet of sweets, it isn’t fair to the rest of the people who participated.

I looked across the compound to the other side where most of the kids are somewhat like me, injured in their own ways. They did what I had done. Playing their own part and participating in activities that are suited for them. They get their sweets, why don’t I? Fairness? Right, it isn’t fair indeed.

[photo by qmnonic via flickr]

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