Most Schools Don’t Teach Programming

This is a short film (documentary) on what most schools don’t teach. Yes, this subject or thing is programing/coding (whichever way you want to call it). I got to learn some programming in my junior college years through my chosen subject of computer science. I absolutely enjoyed the process of every single application that I’ve coded (even the most basic ones). It is even more satisfying to see the application work and come alive. From mere words, or code, into full fledged working applications that perform the task you decide it to.

Programming trains one’s mind to think, to visualize and conceptualize and lastly to build it. Programming doesn’t stop here. One will find many problems (or bugs) within the program. Rectifying and solving the problem at hand can be tedious and frustrating but the success at the very end is undeniably satisfying. It isn’t just about programming skills or logical thinking. It goes even further. The mental character that builds from programming is intangible but can be felt in everyday activity. Perseverance, for one, is inspired and built within programmers.


Dramatic but true. I’m no programmer but I do know how to code a little. I made simple applications for school projects and examinations. I can read code snippets and edit them (mostly through trial and error) to personalize them for a particular need. And all these coding, I love it. The joy and excitement in seeing something work has to be felt by one to truly understand why it is so awesome.

Start learning today. It isn’t difficult.

[image by: Lindsey Bieda via flickr]

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