I’ve kept an always updated list of game bundle sites for quite some time already. Finding it inefficient, I decided to create a site that compiles the latest game bundles for you. While it isn’t exactly automatic in terms of the addition of game bundles, it is pretty easy for me to add new bundles as and when they are on for sale. Take a look at the video I’ve created or simply head straight down to for a clearer understanding of the site.

The site currently is in “alpha”. I’ve done as much testing as I need to ensure that the layout and core functions work as per required. There are still many things that can be added such as countdown timers for the different bundles, additional information for the games and even perhaps a better summary of the bundle such as how many keys are provided and so on. I would be extremely pleased if you guys can let me know what needs to be added or modified. Feedback is greatly appreciated and of course if you do meet with any bugs or errors, informing me via the site’s contact form or even posting a comment on the video or this article will help me to help you get a better experience.

As of now, I’ve been constantly adding game bundles whenever a new one emerges. If I do missed out any, do let me know as well. I should have at least most if not all of the popular sites’ active bundles listed. My future plan would be to have as many of the past bundles inputted into the site database for more accurate information.

With all that said, it is really fun learning PHP and CSS from making the site. WordPress sure is amazing and with plugins, the platform can basically do anything. I might be putting up guides on how I did some of the different functions on the site like the alphabetical index etc if anyone is interested. Coding sure is fun especially when you have a working prototype or application to show whatever you have coded. Not sure if this is the right way to learn the language (prior to this I have completely no knowledge on PHP) but hey, I did learn some things.

So yeah, let me know anything you have in mind about the site and of course if you have questions on how to make WordPress do this and that, do let me know as well. It is fun solving questions.

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