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Repurpose a USB Hub into a USB Charging Station

Nowadays, devices use USB ports as their main source of external power. To charge a phone, external battery or wireless headset, you would often find yourself fiddling with a charging cable with a USB port on one end. With that said, USB ports are not readily available should you not have a computer with you. In addition, if the device does not come with a wall adapter, you can practically kiss that device goodbye when its battery runs out. Here is a cheap alternative and tip for you people that have such a worry.

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DIY NAS – Port Forwarding and Dynamic DNS

Ready so say “hello world” proper? In order to access your DIY NAS or home server or game server or whatever that is hosted at your house, you will need to do something called “port forwarding”. Port forwarding is usually performed and set up at the router level. Since there are hundreds and thousands of routers, I will be recommending you a few sites that you can take reference from. I will be using a popular custom router firmware (DDWRT) to illustrate the different steps that you will need to take in order to forward your ports correctly.

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Repurpose a Capo as an Elegant Headphone Stand

the capo headphone stand in action

There are many things that can be used as headphone stands. For people who do not want to spend the time to DIY a headphone stand or the money for those overly priced retail stands, repurposing common objects as stands works perfectly fine. Examples of objects used are Banana Stands, hooks and all kinds of surfaces that allow you to rest your headphones on. Sometimes these solutions are aesthetically unpleasant, sometimes they simply do not work as well. I have come up with an idea (at least I haven’t seen anyone doing it or talk about it) of repurposing a guitar capo as a clamp on kind of stand. Read on for some pictures and a video that explains more about it.

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DIY NAS – Backing Up Your Files (Remote)

A few days back I wrote a guide about backing up your files locally. This time around, I will be teaching you how to backup your files in a remote location say another NAS in another house. For a clearer understanding, do read up on the previous guide. For this guide, I will jump straight into the steps to backup your files remotely and cut short the explanations that are already done previously.

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DIY NAS – Backing Up Your Files (Local)

Now that you have started storing your precious files and data into the NAS, it is time to back it all up. It isn’t fun when you lose all your data. Things such as photos and videos contain precious memories that can never be replaced should they be gone. The most common way to lose your files (unintentionally) is through HDD failure. Sometimes you can spot a dying HDD but in other cases, they just come and go without any warnings. It is thus vital to store the files in at least two locations. Today, I will be teaching you to do just that. Time to learn how to setup a scheduled backup of your files!

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