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Report and Reflections: January 08

January 08I would first like to open the end of month report for the month of January 08 with apologies for being inconsistent in producing such reports in year 2007. I admit that I was lazy and thus not wanting to go through so much hassle just to come out with reports that most people do not care at all. I am neither a professional blogger earning tons of money, nor a blog celebrity that people care what I think but nevertheless, I think such reports are musts. Whether people read it or not, taking time to reflect and think about what I did recently is really important for not only improving oneself but also to remind oneself not to repeat mistakes that had been made. Thus, with much thinking and planning, I decided that from this year onwards, every month, without fail, will have such a report.

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Am I Smart Enough?

Today was a day that stretched my mental and intelligence limit. It was a day whereby the creams of the crops come to compete to become the cream of the cream. For those who are successful, they get a huge reward. And that is allowing their school fees to be completely waived for the rest of their secondary and junior college life. Today was the scholarship test for integrated programme students. It was an experience I felt around 6 years back when I took this test to see if I qualified for a higher form of education (GEP, Gifted Education Programme is what we call in Singapore) and I failed terribly. Now here I am back again taking a similar kind of test hoping for the best so as to save money on school fees. The experience was actually not too bad, just stressful.

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Bali for the Week

I spent a week ago in Bali thus resulting in why I did not update the blog for so long. The trip started at 11th of January and ended just yesterday, 18th of January. I went there not for the purpose to relax and have fun, but instead for studying and educational purposes (well, that is what my school calls it to be). OEP, Overseas Educational Programme, sure sounds awesome eh? So this post is dedicated to that whole week in bali and is definitely extraordinarily boring. Be advised if you think that there might be pictures you are totally wrong (I know holidays equals to loads of photo taking etc but I am exceptional).

Bali is practically associated with holiday paradise, or somewhere whereby people have fun in the beaches etc. So how can it be educational at all? Well, to be really honest, I doubt I really learnt anything else besides the characteristics and personalities of my friends. During the trip, we visited turtle conversation centre (where we learn turtle knowledge), mangrove swarm (learn about the different plants) etc. Knowledge and education is fed to us but I doubt any of us care about it anyways. There are however two main lessons, points or whatever you call them from this trip.

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An Update on my Life

You might be interested or not. But I find that it is very important to update my readers on my site current status as well as happenings on my personal life. I have not been updating my site for almost a week as recently there is not much interesting things to post or blog about. Game reviews that might be coming in before December 7th are as follows: Need for Speed: Prostreet, Eschalon: Book I. Why before December 7th? That is mainly because I am about to go abroad to Melbourne, Australia for a one week holiday. School is around a month away and textbooks ought to have me giving them some attention. Life is as normal as usual except I just got hooked onto the English drama series called Heroes. Started around a week ago, I have recently finished season 1 and now onto season 2. The show was and is AWESOME. Storyline fantastic, actors act well and everything was practically near perfect. You guys ought to watch it if you have not done so and continue to do so if you are as hooked as me. Right, so that is about it. Lack of updates cause there are lack of events that actually interest me. Oh and if you are a user or something, you ought to take a look at their official t-shirt that have just been released. Take a look at it:

Ping T-Shirt Design
Have fun and wish you all the best in whatever you guys do!

NPCC ATC CAMP 2007 19 OCT รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 21 OCT

Today my NPCC (A uniform youth organization for secondary schools in Singapore, National Police Cadet Corps) ATC (Adventure Training Camp) just ended. Feeling really exhausted and tired now. The camp seriously was pretty tough even though there were no drills. Though it was tiring, it sure does have its fun moments. Kayaking was fun and so was the rock wall climbing. Other activities taught us important life skills such as map reading and how to use the compass. Anyways, I will list out the activities in the different days and my thoughts and feelings about them.

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Anyone fancy a T-shirt?
The one which we will wear proudly proclaiming ourselves as a proud member of this community? The one we would be wearing together when we attend any event as a group?This idea has been surfaced and not taken off a few times since the launch of 1 year ago. One of the main reasons are due to lack of good T-shirt designs that I managed to find.

This time, let’s get it done!
Instead of myself scouting for private designers on my own, which may not even know exactly what about, why don’t we do it the community way this time. do have quite a few of good designers among us, aren’t we?
I say, let’s start a T-shirt Design contest!
The winning entry will be getting SGD 100 from It’s not a lot, but it is some money I can offer that I have made from (through advertising) minus the costly Singapore hosting fees. Most importantly, you will gain the recognition and respect among’s community as the official T-Shirt designer, and you can be proud seeing your design worn by local bloggers.
Some requirements:
1. It is a t-shirt, so, yeah the t-shirt has to have’s logo.
2.’s URL – We don’t want ourselves to be mistaken for promoting for a golf equipment company.
3. Nothing else. Feel free to be creative.
Closing Date: 1st October 2007
Do submit your entry right here at this forum, embedded using BBCode for all of us to see. ๐Ÿ™‚

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