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Report and Reflections: March April May 08

March April May 08 reports are all combined together for a few reasons. Throughout all three months, I have been extremely busy with school and other activities. Mid-year examinations are very important and therefore had to spend a little more time preparing for it than usual. For March I had a camp during the week break and loads of homework on other days. April was the preparations for the mid-year examinations and half of May itself was the papers themselves. All of these adding up give me little to no time at all to compile any data or anything for presentation. However, now that my first semester holidays are on the way, I had some time (little though as I still have a lot of other activities undergoing) to dish this report up.

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Area 16 NPCC Survivor Camp 08

Just came back, yesterday to be exact, from my UYO (Uniform Youth Organization) NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) Survivor Camp held at Pulau Ubin. Hmm, I have always disliked such camps as I hated the discomfort and tiresome activities that are carried out. But we did buy the top rated camping showers this time which made camping more comfortable because I could shower ever couple days. Call me spoilt or whatever but I admit it. I really wonder what I would become when it is time for me to serve the army. AHH! Thinking about that instantly gives me the shivers. Anyways, as I was saying, the camp was somewhat like the previous camp I attended not too long ago (around 6 months back) at Pulau Ubin as well (ATC, Adventure Training Camp). This time around, what were different were the activities that were carried out.

As usual and expected, we were suppose to sleep in tents, slug our guts out running here and there, calming and tolerating all the scolding and complaints by the officers in-charge and enjoying the last day of the camp as officers then were suddenly holy and nice. It is so cliché; everything was as if it was replayed from the previous camp. Same old words, same old scolding, same old everything. It was like watching the same video twice (but an exception of some other EXTRA bonus features).

P.S The following might bore you to death. Good for bed night stories.

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I Flunked the Examinations

Everyone has their own expectations. I am no exception. Everyone has their bests, I do as well. Therefore my opinion of flunking the examinations is my marks getting below 60%. Never in my whole education life so far did I ever get an average score of below 70%. Perhaps I am too demanding? Many of you might say “Holy cow, 70%? That’s like heavenly high!” Yeah, but for me, it is my average marks I ought to achieve.

During the examination period I had no self discipline. I played for an hour before starting to mug and I only started revising (or actually studying in my case) around a week before the examinations are about to begin. Some subjects I had only a day to actually learn the new concepts due to the fact that I care less about me not fully understanding the topic taught in school and not bothering to ask. However, regretting is of no use. I ought to pull up my socks and start preparing for the later examinations.

Here are my marks for you to look down on, oh well. (I totally deserve it)

Advanced Mathematics 72 78 75.4 6
Biology 73 55 62.7 5
Chemistry 90 57 71.1 6
Core Mathematics 90 59 72.3 6
Higher Chinese 72 47 57.7 4
IHS (Smth like Hist.) 80 53 64.6 5
English 74 68 71.0 6
Physics 63 53 57.3 4

Total: 532/800
Avgr: 66.50

It was thanks to my term 1 results that help pulled my overall semester’s average up by around 10%. Without considering the term 1 results, my average would have been well below 60%, and that is actually extremely horrible for my standard. That is it for today, loads of reflecting need to be done, loads of work to catch up to.

Busy No More

I am finally busy no more at LEAST for now till the next month or so. Argh I have not been updating the site for at least a month. That has broken the record of not updating for at least two weeks or so. For any readers out there who even bother, the site is not closing down or anything. It just lies down to the young and inexperienced writer me, being really busy with examinations preparations etc. School life sure is not as easy as before. Projects, homework, presentations and list go on and on. People with terrible time management, like me, often feel pressurized and ending up with no time at all to complete any task they plan to do. For example I want to study this chapter but I also want to play games. Therefore I played games and study but at the end of the day I found out I could not remember anything from the chapter and I had no fun playing to game at all. In other words killing no birds with two stones. But nevertheless the examination period is finally over and I can finally relax, till the day where the results are given out. For now, it is time to start my gaming engine and play till my eyes pops?

NPCC Mega Camp 08 2008

P.S This is reflections to be handed to my teacher. Kinda narrative but still I thought I should just post this up.

I reported to the camp sick. I was having a slight fever and was coughing away. However the thought of the camp being fun and having no drills at all sure made me went through the whole camp with a positive attitude. Before the camp started, administrative matters were carried out. Fees were collected and we were divided into different groups. Each of the groups contains a number of secondary 1, 2 and 3 cadets with a secondary 4 facilitator. I am glad I had a kind and helpful facilitator taking charge of the group. (well, all of the secondary 4 are actually quite good and kind just that mine was a little kind-er)

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Report and Reflections: February 08

February 08 had been extremely hectic and stressful for me. There were extra curriculum activities, competitions and examinations to cope with, resulting in extremely packed and tiring days and weeks. However, I did beforehand tell you readers that my examinations went rather well (for me). I am glad to say that though the days were tough and exhausting, I managed to endure through them. Also, I took a scholarship test in the month of January and the results are out. I am sad to say that I have failed to clinch the scholarship and that I have wasted the opportunity to get a free education till I am 18 and a cash amount of $15,000 (for 4 years after deducting the miscellaneous fees etc). How sad. Demoralized and down but still, life has to go on. Besides, it is just $15,000, an amount that JUST requires me to earn the same amount the site is currently earning for around a century. Hmm that was kind of sarcastic but oh well. What is gone is gone, there is no point crying over spilt milk. Perhaps I did not have the capabilities or the potential to be one of the creams of the crop. Nevertheless, the site has been doing rather well; increasing inhabitants visiting it (did not reach my target though). Oh and lastly, I have learnt how to record in-game footage for the PS3 WOO. Boo though as the resolutions are like terribly disgusting. Right, perhaps I’ll grab some screenies from other sites or freelance ps3 gamer screen capturers (asking permission of course). Till then, I guess that is all I have and below is the details of the events that took place and some of my goals for what lies ahead.

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The First Battle of 2008 is Finally Over

Every year of my life, there are four battles: 2 huge and major ones, 2 small and insignificant battles. Nevertheless, neglecting the small battles will still affect me and my plans to succeed in the major ones that lie ahead. Therefore, I can officially scream out of joy and happiness that the first mini battle has finally been won and over. In this first quarter of the year, I am flooded with both extra curriculum activities as well as my academic pursuits. Trying to balance both is definitely no child’s play as I have an extra disturbance among the balance, gaming. Balancing among 3 aspects and trying to archive most out of everything wears me out. However I am glad to say that I did manage to play the video games I want to play, get the results I wanted to score and endure through the parades and practices my uniform group put me up to.

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