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Simcity Societies Review

Simcity Societies Box ArtI have played the simcity series since years back. I must say that the latest release by EA, Simcity Societies is definitely different especially in terms of gameplay. Is this difference positive or negative? Well, I would say positive for some, negative for others. It all depends on your personal likings and what type of gamer you are. I remembered back then I hated simcity games because they are simply too complicated and hard for my simple mind. When building power stations, you have to connect electrical cables in order to transport electricity to parts of your city. That is not all, water pipes etc all have to be planned properly and build in order for your city to run smoothly. I must admit that I do not have the cut to be a city planner in future. Gameovers are practically promised whenever I start a new game in whichever difficulty. The thing is, Simcity Societies is way different. Its simplistic gameplay and colourful graphics caught my attention and gave me enjoyable hours of fun. Yay for casual gamers, nay for hardcore players.

SimCitySocieties 2007-11-19 22-13-05-52.jpg
Main Menu

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Avencast: Rise of the Mage Review

Box Art - Avencast Rise of the MageAvencast: Rise of the Mage (in this review, avencast would be used instead of the whole long title), is an action Role-Playing Game (ARPG). Action in the sense that you can hack and slash anywhere you want, and role playing in the sense where you, well, role play as the character or perhaps the hero? I have yet to complete Avencast (50% completed already) but I doubt the game will have too much of surprises which are fantastic or will overwhelmed me. I must say though that Avencast developers sure surprise gamers as they are hidden talents. Never heard of them but the game they just produced sure is good.


Almost every RPG have a strong storyline backing it. Avencast however only has a mediocre one. Very straightforward, you ought to know what to expect in the end and is pretty much like the hero killing the bad guy. You start with an introduction on how you are born (well not actually born but like, you know found or something) and then how you arrive in this magical castle called “Avencast”. Very peaceful at first and the game goes around teaching you the basics etc. Smart move by the developers as it masks the tutorial as somewhat like a quest. You learn how to fight etc and soon you found your way doing a examination to prove your worth. Upon completing it and arriving back at the castle, you, expecting the castle to be as peaceful and merry, was wrong. It was in complete ruins and monsters are everywhere. That is when your true adventure begins and the storyline develops even further and deeper. I quote from Avencast’s official site:

“In the magic kingdom of Aldgarth, demons tore up a dimension portal and invaded your academy… Now a forgotten demon army is about to descend on your world… Descend into the depths of a sunken civilisation…. Fight the mighty Demon Marshal Morgath, forged from the crystals of the God…and uncover the secret of your past!” Game > Story

Yeah that is pretty much it. Nothing really special nor breathtaking but still, enough to make you get into the game and be part of it.

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Project Torque Review

Project Torque LogoProject Torque Logo

Official Site:
Project Torque is a MMORG (Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game) created by aeriagames. Besides the usual racing action you all get from racing games (that is kind of obvious), you are able to customize your car to make it the best racing machine ever. From the colours to the wheels, Project Torque gives you the ability to edit and change them accordingly to your personal needs and preferences. Since it’s a MMO, you are able to join rooms and channels and compete with other fellow racers. Scared of lag? No problem as Project Torque provides a rather unique and lagless racing mode, called the Ghost Mode, and your ride will be as smooth as those you play offline! With average 3D Graphics and several game modes, Project Torque is a must especially for driving fans. (Just try it! No harm as it is free!)

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PC Spider-Man Friend or Foe Review

[singlepic=15,160,120,,right]You can play as spidey’s enemies or spidey himself. However, is this enough to please the fans or gamers? Well for me, Spider-Man Friend or Foe is just not up to the mark. Simplistic storyline plus repetitive gameplay makes the game simply a flock. In addition, the difficulty of the game is just too easy. Features of Co-Op play and versus modes are present but still, these modes and additional features are just passable and can be overlooked without needing to feel any sense of regret. Luckily the sound effects, music etc and voice-acting help to improve the game and thus making me give it a passing mark.

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PC Fifa Soccer 08 Review

Fifa 08 CoverJust not too long ago in 2006 did EA Sports released an outstanding sports title Fifa 07. Many regarded it as a great improvement from Fifa 06 and that EA finally decided to improve its soccer games. With that said, Fifa 08 was just released a few days back and the claims made simply sounds majestic. Fifa 08 aims to give users better gaming experience as well as trying to fascinate players with its next-generation graphics. However, is that enough to impress the fans and players? Or is it simply a failure? I will give you my comments on the PC version of Fifa Soccer 08 as well as what I think about the console versions (I did not play them, just saw it through trailers etc).I would like to repeat once more that I will be giving you my review based on the PC version and not the next-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox360). You will know why I strongly emphasize this at the end of the review. If you have been reading my blog, you might notice that I gave my thoughts on the PC Fifa Soccer 08 demo version. And my thoughts were completely negative and not a single praise has been added. Then and there I also stated how much I longed for the be-a-pro mode and I can finally try it out as I finish installing my Fifa 08 game.

FIFA08 2007-10-03 18-28-49-93.jpg
Main Screen of Fifa 08

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PC Rugby 08 Review

Rugby 08 box coverIntroduction

EA Sports Rugby is back once more, giving all rugby fans out there a treat. However, I did not play the previous version so in this review I will not comment on how much improvement 08 actually has. Rugby 08 definitely gives players the feel of being at the rugby pitch and playing as one of their favorite team. Rugby 08 is the most popular rugby game currently (There is only one to two more other rugby games if I remembered correctly). Available in both the PC and PS2, it is a must for all rugby fans with consoles or computers to have it.

P.S This review is based on the PC version.

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Singapore Made Online Chat Game


MigoCity Banner
MigoCity Banner


MigoCity is a place whereby you can meet people all over the world and make friends with them! You can experience fun and excitement through playing the games in the game and exploring the different areas. In conclusion, MigoCity is something like MSN, IRC but just that you have an avatar to yourself. The closest game that is similar is Second Life or Habbo. If you know them, MigoCity is something like those. You can walk around the different areas with your avatar and play games. Fun? Not quite yet as it is still in beta and many features do not work. All in all, it is a game whereby you can make new friends and have fun!

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