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MigoCity is a place whereby you can meet people all over the world and make friends with them! You can experience fun and excitement through playing the games in the game and exploring the different areas. In conclusion, MigoCity is something like MSN, IRC but just that you have an avatar to yourself. The closest game that is similar is Second Life or Habbo. If you know them, MigoCity is something like those. You can walk around the different areas with your avatar and play games. Fun? Not quite yet as it is still in beta and many features do not work. All in all, it is a game whereby you can make new friends and have fun!


It seems to me that it is the locals (Singaporeans) that made the game. ActivatePlay is the publisher and creator of the game. It is introduced during the Games Convention Asia held in Singapore a few days back. It is created to be a cross-platform game whereby you can play it both on your PC and on mobile! Amazing? Quite as it is one of a few that is released so far.


In the game, you can customize your character and appearance to your likings. Choose from different “heads”, “Tops”, “Bottoms” and “Pets and Hobby”. Rather cute the graphics are I must say. After personalizing your character, you can start entering different chat rooms to meet new people. Use emoticons and text to express and talk with the other people. Mingle with the people and start leveling! Upon leveling, you have more choices of clothes etc (Something like unlockables). If you come to like someone and want to remember him, you can add him as your friend and in future be able to see where he is, whether he is online or not, and communicate with him directly! You yourself also have a simple profile where you can edit and tell people about yourself! Fun? Your opinion might differs from others! For me not quite but when the game advances in future it definitely will with all sorts of people all around the world playing mini-games.

You can check the screencast I made to find out more about the game and check the screenshots out.

Screen Shot 3Screen Shot 1Screen Shot 2


10 thoughts on “Singapore Made Online Chat Game”

  1. Migocity used too many phone memory(maybe ram) to play. And if one room has 6 or more players inside, the game became slowing. To many out-in loading for change room or avatar. No shortkey for pm(private message/”whisper” in game). Cann’t level up again if we in level 20, its mean we stuck in that level.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Personally didn’t try out the mobile version itself. However, the game seems dead already. Hmm, no news no updates no nothing. Looks like just another failed project I guess.

  3. Hmm… So that is your personal project. Wow, cool. Maybe you can make its like minifriday the habbo mobile phone chatting application, but make more item for avatar, and more rum. That maybe enough to make other player change heart to play your application. And maybe you can used charge for playing that, like 0,5 US$ for register for 1 month period for 1 id. Sorry for my bad english:), I not good in english :p
    If your project is finish, just email me in (*), i will be great to inform the other about that application 🙂

    *Admin: try not publicly announcing your email. spam bots pick them up. =)

  4. Erm no it is not my personal project its just that they ain’t updating their news or anything. So I called it dead. Besides noone seems to go there from what I see. Empty and more empty.

  5. Hng..ahaha . I just walk n walk around in all areas .but i fnd n0thing interesting. – -a. Err but the avatar is so so kawaii yo. ^^

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