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Value Korean 40” 4K Monitors – Information and Comparison of the Different Brands and Models

A few years back, I have compiled a list of Korean 27” 1440P monitors and wrote a bunch of information about them. It was a well-received article and rightfully so given the whole Korean monitor craze spreading like wildfire. Here I am again compiling some information regarding Korean monitors. This time around we are going bigger and more pixels. I am talking about 40” (39 ~ 42” to be more specific) 4K monitors that are not that cheap but definitely provides great value. Continue reading

Final PC Upgrade for 2014

The last piece of the puzzle is finally here. To round up my PC upgrade is the graphics card. If you’ve read my previous update, the only major changes I’ve made are to the CPU and motherboard. I did get new peripherals and slapped on a SSD as well as an additional sound card. The reason I gave for not upgrading the GPU is due to the fact that I wasn’t playing any games that required a more powerful card. Besides, most games these days don’t even need that much power anyways.

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Once You Go 1440P You Can Never Look Back

I started using a 1440P (2560×1440 resolution) monitor about two years ago courtesy of the emergence of the budget Korean 1440p monitors. They were so cheap (comparatively) that I couldn’t help but jumped on the Korean 1440p monitor bandwagon and till this date I’m glad I did. When I first upgraded to a 24” 1080P display in 2009 (my first ever DIY computer), I was amazed at how huge the screen was and the amazing display resolution. In 2012, I upgraded to a 27” 1440P monitor and I was again, amazed and fascinated. This time around it wasn’t so much so about the increase in size but the display resolution.

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Repurpose a OTG MicroUSB Card Reader as Phone Storage

There are several smartphones out in the market that are pretty much great except for the fact that they do not have expandable storage (e.g no microSD expansion slot). This may or may not be a deal breaker for you. Besides, higher end phones that do not offer such expansion options do have a fair amount of internal storage space available (usually 16GB or more). That said, people that use local multimedia files, be it videos or music, will find that it is simply not enough. I do have a workaround that is slightly more troublesome but definitely works. More on that after the break.

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Why All the Windows 8 Hate

I have been using Windows 8.1 for quite some time already. It is close to 3 weeks and I have not yet face any ground breaking issues. Incompatibility is pretty much a non-issue and I got every software and hardware working properly. I have to admit that I was slightly afraid of changing from Windows 7 after reading all the horrible reviews and opinions of others. I am glad though that it isn’t that bad as people make it out to be.

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The Need for Speed (Upgrading to SSD)

Having upgraded to a SSD only recently, this is one of those virgin SSD user experience kind of post. There are plenty of people out there telling you why a SSD would probably be the best upgrade you can ever do to your computer now. I upgraded after I decided to check out North Lakes pc repairs home page and read the SSD review. So now I’m here to tell you some of my personal experience and thoughts on that and whether or not it is exactly the “best” upgrade if you do not have one already.

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