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On the Move Again

It is time to move host again. This time round, the decision to move is not because of any negative experiences. SharkSpace (acquired by eleven2) was a fantastic host for me. It has great support, uptime, amazing servers and brilliant pricing. There is simply nothing wrong with the host and considering the price that I was paying, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Yet I’m on the move again, and let me tell you why. Continue reading

Audio Recording Upgrade: Blue Yeti Microphone

I’ve been making videos for quite some time already. For all my audio recordings so far, I’ve been relying on the microphone on either the video camera or on my headset. Neither of them are good solutions for recording but I had to make do with what I have. Having endured the poor audio recording quality for months, I’ve decided to spend some money to buy a better microphone. With careful considerations and in-depth research, I’ve narrowed down my options to 2 USB microphones. They are the Audio-Technica AT2020 and the Blue Yeti microphones. The title of the article should tell you what I eventually ended up with. Continue reading

Do Not Feed the Troll

It started from a simple honest reply. An internet troll first commented on one of my youtube videos, saying some things (which I had already explained) in a rather rude manner. In my defence, I replied with an explanation seasoned with a pinch of salt. And that my friends, awoken the beast within him, the Troll. Amazing how much time these trolls have, spending their whole day just to disturb others. I got disturbed, and I was not experienced enough to deal with such people. My level was obviously not high enough, so I continued fighting instead of backing off. Continue reading

Introduction to Khan Academy Exercise Software

Khan Academy
When one thinks of online learning, Khan Academy would be one of the first names to pop up. If you didn’t know what Khan Academy is, it is basically a not for profit online organisation founded by the brilliant Salman Khan. Whose video lessons on a variety of subjects (history, physics, maths etc) have gained a reputation worldwide for being really easy to understand. For now it is heavily focused on mathematics, with topics from the most basic addition and subtraction to the difficult college level stuff. Continue reading

Chrome for a Cause: Hassle free way of helping charities

Looking at twitter today bought me to the attention of a new charity program by Google called Chrome for a Cause. Basically all you need to do is to install an extension that keeps track of the amount of tabs you opened in Google Chrome. Every new tab opened results in Google donating some money to the different charity organizations. Hassle free as there isn’t a need to spend time playing any any flash games or word games ( 😉 Free Rice by UN anyone?) Just install the extension and live life as usual!

So if you have a copy of Google Chrome browser installed, there isn’t much of an excuse for not helping out. This event starts from 15 December and ends at 19 December. Just install the extension, surf the web as usual and heal the world :). Yeah, and make it a better place too.

Let us all be united for this good cause fellow online citizens!

[Source: Chrome for a cause]

A Newbie Freelancer and a Nightmare Client

After finishing my conscript army (also known as the National Service in Singapore) and going back into the workforce in September, I had the opportunity to do some freelance work for a friend I knew back in the army. He and his designer friend were going to start an e-commerce website selling products and I’m approached to aid them in this business venture for a cheap price. As a fresh polytechnic graduate in IT, I took up the offer since it would help me build up my portfolio as well as slowly adjust myself to the requirements of the working world.

Things were going well at first with the first meeting with them to capture their business requirements and understand what they wanted. However the first warning sign (of a nightmare client) came when we were discussing the website design. I was told by my friend: “Don’t worry! my partner here is a designer who graduated from the prestigious XYZ. You just need to implement whatever he designs.” I took it upon face value trusting what he said.

That was when my nightmare started. It’s easy to figure out what happens next. Here some snippets of the scenario I faced throughout the project. Continue reading