My Trip to Dreamland

Just came back from my short study trip to San Francisco. It was an entrepreneurship kind of study mission where the university brought us to visit various startups and companies to learn from them. As much as I have learned about the startup scene there in Silicon Valley, the fabled wonderland for tech, the most important takeaway has something to do with my self-awareness. Continue reading

Back to Sports

Recently I started playing sports again. What started with table tennis with a couple of friends led to badminton, a racquet sports that I have first started played a decade and more ago. I really want to get better in this so that I can join a special someone in games in the future.

Sports is really fun, badminton is really fun too. I will get better and have even more fun soon!

Valentines Dinner

I’ve started learning to cook some time ago.  For valentines day this year, I decided to cook dinner for my family and loved ones. Did not prepare this completely by myself though. Instead, a wonderful and marvellous chef and my master in cooking helped me throughout the process.

Overall the food turned out okay. The soup, best among all the dishes, tasted like those from cans (which is a good thing if you are wondering). A tad too bit salty though.

I had much fun preparing the meal. 10/10, will cook again.

3 Apps I Used in China

I’ve recently went on a school trip to Beijing China in December. While most days were spent visiting companies and attending presentations and business sharings, I had my fair share of free time especially during the few days I extended after all the school stuff were over. If you know China, you know about the great firewall that blocks the great Google from being used. Yes, you can bypass it but in China, Google isn’t all that useful, especially when compared to other services like Baidu, the Chinese’s Google.

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