Internship Ends and Academic Year Starts

For the past 4 months I’ve been interning at a bank doing some DevOps work. I think I’ve come a long way from that horrid first two weeks of being lost and feeling terrible. I was totally unprepared for the job and tasks that were handed to me. I mean I guess it is not totally my fault considering how the internship description required me to have HTML5, CSS and Javascript skills (I know right, not exactly your DevOps languages).

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Two Months Internship

I’m two months in-the-ship (internship ya? no? come on play along will ya?). Slowly starting to wrap up what I’ve started and preparing for some handover of the things that I have been doing and have done. Seems that it will be more or less a proof of concept (used internally within the team but not the organization) and nothing more. Still pretty good I guess, learned quite a bit of stuff that I would never actually spend much of my own time to look into.

One and A Half Straight Months of Coding

one straight month of coding

For every day over the past one and a half months I have been coding and coding and coding. Coding and scripting during my internship, coding during the time when I get back home and coding during the weekends. Seems good so far, maybe this is really the field that I am truly interested in. Oh and for those of you who are interested in what’s that I’m coding outside of my internship, it is this: MaiMai