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Examinations Ahoy! First Battle of 2009

Tomorrow would officially mark the week whereby the first term’s examinations begin. Rather shocked how fast the first term’s examinations arrived. With less than a month or so to study anything new, most subjects would be testing the tiny bits we learnt in January/February and the chunk we ought to have entered into our brains at the end of 2008. This also means that … … I’m screwed! Yay! I have and not proud to say that most of my 2008 knowledge have gone down and out of my system. Besides, whatever I learnt in 2008 isn’t really mastered yet (e.g math). This thus equals to: I have to study!

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Busy No More

I am finally busy no more at LEAST for now till the next month or so. Argh I have not been updating the site for at least a month. That has broken the record of not updating for at least two weeks or so. For any readers out there who even bother, the site is not closing down or anything. It just lies down to the young and inexperienced writer me, being really busy with examinations preparations etc. School life sure is not as easy as before. Projects, homework, presentations and list go on and on. People with terrible time management, like me, often feel pressurized and ending up with no time at all to complete any task they plan to do. For example I want to study this chapter but I also want to play games. Therefore I played games and study but at the end of the day I found out I could not remember anything from the chapter and I had no fun playing to game at all. In other words killing no birds with two stones. But nevertheless the examination period is finally over and I can finally relax, till the day where the results are given out. For now, it is time to start my gaming engine and play till my eyes pops?