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Ill Twice in Two Months

Recently, my body has been fragile and weak. It doesn’t help when there is a flu bug going around school and a swine flu spreading around the world. It sucks to be sick. I remembered I once said that I felt like going to school more than staying at home. That is mainly because school is kind of fun although I do complain a lot about the homework and stress. Still, friends are there, teachers are fun, time though at times seem to pass slowly is well spent. Even if I’m sleeping during lessons, I felt that I’ve felt that the time spent was fruitful. Don’t ask me why, it is just a feeling. I’ve got a feeling, that the next few days won’t go too well for me. Sick since last Friday; head aching, body aches, fever going up and down like a roller coaster. However, I still went to school though since in the morning I feel fit like a fiddle. Continue reading

It is an Endless Road

Finished one, woohoo! Finished three, HELL YEAH! Looking ahead, I still got more. And more, and more. There isn’t an end to all this. Of course, life is like an endless road, so are my studies. Projects just keep coming in. Presentations just keep reappearing. Work, never ends. This mountain, has no peak. And I ain’t liking it one bit. Come on, give me a break. Reports after reports, presentations after projects, mini tests after test. That’s the life of a student and I shouldn’t be complaining. But hey, it is nice to let off steam and shit some times. I mean, it does good to your health. Keeping all the crap you get from school all by yourself ain’t cool. It gives you wrinkles. Continue reading

Getting Busier Every New Day

Ahh, weekends just come and go within the blink of the eye. Homework keeps piling up like there’s no tomorrow. It is like the saying goes, one mountain compared to another is taller than the other. So this homework mountain will never stop growing taller. For every new day, a new mountain is formed. This time, each new mountain becomes taller and taller as the homework stacks up. Managed to get rid of a few other holiday homework (yes 2 weeks after holidays and I’m still on them) and I believe I am left with just one set of worksheets left which I don’t have any intention of doing. Continue reading

Climbing Homework Mountain

A few days to go and the peak of homework mountain is still out of sight. I climb, at the rate of around 0.5 metre per hour. This mountain is huge and difficult to climb. Some parts of the mountain are steep, others are steeper. There ain’t no easy way up. Just got to keep climbing and believing. Standing around 3000ft tall, homework mountain was only meant for the Continue reading

Holidays! Woohoo… NOT

Homework Joys

Week 1 of holidays are about up and I ain’t liking it one bit. Spent almost the whole week going out meeting friends for project work and stuff. Stuff in other words school related work and very little connection or relation with anything that is fun. I’m glad that at least I started a little on my math (2 out of around 50 + questions?) and that is about it. Project work is currently on its way to… half-way completion. Yet to climb 10% of the homework mountain. 3 weeks remaining. ARGH!

Many will say, Continue reading

High Rope Challenge @ Ubin

Earlier today, I went to Pulau Ubin for the High Rope Challenge, an activity that is organised by NPCC HQ. As the activity’s title suggests, the stuff we are about to face in Ubin would definitely prove a challenge. It is certainly more challenging for those who are afraid of heights. Unfortunately, I am grouped under that category. Almost every if not all of the different challenges were carry out high up in the air. I participated and completed 2 challenges before heading home. Continue reading