In the past we have things such as podcasts and screencasts. Now we have a new one, a new way of communicating and spreading of your own ideas etc, and that is by sketch casting. Sketch casting is a method whereby users sketch or what we call draw out what they want to tell and in addition, add on a voice over if needed. Kind of cool for artists and drawing enthusiast. However, if you lack the proper equipment and tools (Such as a tablet or some drawing equipment for your computer) the result might become rather terrible. It is rather time consuming actually in my opinion, drawing and then erasing and back again. Here is my first ever sketchcast!


Alright, I know my drawing is terrible, I know my ideas are retarded. But still, I dare to try. No pain no gain, right now you can laugh all you want at my *unique* artistic talent. If you guys want to try it out, it is really simple and easy to do so. Log on to, register a new account and start sketch casting away! A good point is they host your sketchcasts, so you need not worry on where to put them. It is rather new so if there is any problems, go contact their staff and support team. Happy sketchcasting!

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