Concept Demo: Walkie Tonky

Walkie Tonky is a physics-based action game which puts you in the shoes of a giant robot invading Earth. Smash and kick your way forward using the robot’s every limb to cause mayhem and clear the road ahead. All is experienced with a presentation that binds visuals and audio together, and an engaging control scheme.

[vimeo 2802255]

I tried it and felt that the concept definitely has its potential and ability to develop into a full fledge action beat’em up game (or walk’em up if the developers would prefer to say). The controls were simple and easy to learn. However, to fully master them requires some time I would say as I constantly find myself spamming keys to grab something instead of actually waiting for it to reach me to get it. You can grab almost anything and throw them at enemy tanks/planes etc. You also have to ability to kick things on the floor by holding the right click button and moving your mouse from one side to the other. The objective of the game is rather simple now, destroy everything you see and survive. That’s about it. Graphics are simple and tidy, concentrating mostly on shades of grey and black and a pinch of red here and there. Your life bar and robot’s information is embedded into the game (think deadspace). It appears on your robot itself and whenever your health depletes, you die. For the prototype demo, there are no saving checkpoints etc so if your robot gets destroyed during the boss fight, you have to start right at the beginning again. Worth a try, it is free and won’t hurt.


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