Donation for a Cause

So today was the NUSSU Rag and Flag, an annual charity project that is part of the university’s Orientation Programme. Not like it matter to me but there were a bunch of people asking for money or rather donations.

I was asked a total of 3 times, donating at the 2nd time i was approached. Why not the first time I wonder. But there was only one main reason, the person asking for the donations. Alright alright, chill people, I donated not just because of that okay? I donated because…

Lets hope my good will goes a long way in preventing any more mysterious missing coins.

Alright all jokes aside, I was just being kind.

On a second note, I really wanted to donate to the third person, but hey I’m tight on budget, got to weigh the pros and cons. Money usually comes first you see.

No I’m just kidding.

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