The Family Pet Cats

When you own a pet, you take responsibility over it. When it falls sick, you take care of it (click here for more info, I’ve got some experience). When it runs away, you worry about it. When it comes back, you feel relieve. When it doesn’t come back, you feel sad and empty. You have feelings for your pet because you love it.

Meet Koen, the cat who got sick twice within a month and cost the family money that some people don’t bear to spend on themselves. Its the family cat, and thus the family’s responsibility to take care of it. That is what you agree on when you decided to take in a pet. You love and care for it and doing otherwise just means you’re a terrible person. There are two other cats that I do not have any pictures of. One of them, being the family’s very first cat, walked out of the house one day and never returned. The other is Koen’s little sister, Sophie, which most probably was the reason behind Koen not being able to open one of his eye last week. They are a troublesome bunch but they do bring some enterainment and love to the family.

“Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it”  ~Amy Sedaris

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