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The Always Updated List of Indie Game Bundle Sites

I’ve once compiled a list of indie game bundle sites for your reference. That article consists of some of the more stable and popular bundle sites then. A year has passed and there are several new sites that have emerged and are currently giving some of the most insane bundles yet. I’ve decided to keep an updated list compiling the sites that are regularly providing bundles. Continue reading

Banished Review

Banished was highlighted to the enraged Simcity (2013) community back when the game (Simcity) was riddled with bugs and problems. It was another game within the city building genre (village building to be more exact) and it created some hype after seeing the fail launch of the highly anticipated Simcity. What is even more amazing is that the game is developed by just one guy. Nevertheless, a game ultimately has to be judged by its entertainment value and not by how it is being developed. I’ve played the game for about 20 hours and here is my take on the medieval city building game Banished.

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The Need for Speed (Upgrading to SSD)

Having upgraded to a SSD only recently, this is one of those virgin SSD user experience kind of post. There are plenty of people out there telling you why a SSD would probably be the best upgrade you can ever do to your computer now. I upgraded after I decided to check out North Lakes pc repairs home page and read the SSD review. So now I’m here to tell you some of my personal experience and thoughts on that and whether or not it is exactly the “best” upgrade if you do not have one already.

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PC Update Early 2014

I have finally gotten the parts to do some major revamp on my computer rig. It has been a long time coming and 2014 marks the year for a semi-major upgrade for my rig. For those familiar with the custom PC building scene, a PC usually doesn’t remain the same throughout the years as compared to say a game console (PS4, Xbox One etc). A PC can constantly be upgraded and modified to keep up to date to the latest tech and performance. I have been doing some upgrades here and there during the past few years, mainly changing my graphics card. I’m glad that the second-hand tech market in Singapore is rather busy, allowing one to buy and sell parts pretty easily. That’s how I get the money to do the upgrades. Sell the old, buy the “new”.

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FIFA 14 (PS3 & XBOX360) Impressions

fifa 14 ultiamte edition

FIFA 14 marks yet another transitioning phase of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. There are the “next-gen” and “current-gen” branches of the game. This happened for quite some time for the PC version (08 to 10). It basically housed an aged engine that was absolutely abysmal when compared to the “next-gen” console version then. This time around with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One coming year end, EA Sports have yet again branched out the engines in a way that the PS4 and XBone have the newer engine. With that said, current-gen FIFA 14 is still an improvement over FIFA 13. Read on for some of my thoughts of the game.

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Raging Over Video Games

We’ve all seen videos capturing gamers’ rage. Some of such videos showcase the smashing of keyboards, the screaming at a lifeless monitor screen, the verbal abuse and vulgarities galore and many many more. My god have I been raging lately over video games as well. There are some games that I take quite seriously as I play them somewhat amateurishly competitively. One of them that is making me burn like mad is the game from slotzo, I just can’t get over it. No it is not the game that is screwing up, it is more like the backend hardware technicalities behind the game that is causing all the rage. Continue reading

Quest for Style and Substance 2

A book may look fantastic on the cover but the content within it may be simply garbage. Likewise, a book may look terrible on the cover but the words within it speak great volume. A combination of both style and substance brings about what I would refer to as perfection. Indeed, to have both style and substance is incredibly difficult in real life. However, it is my quest to search for both that perfect blend of style and substance, in the virtual football world of Fifa 12. Yes, this is the next episode of my Fifa 12 gaming commentary series and the whole introduction was nothing but filler nonsense. Continue reading