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Shoot Music Up Shmusicup Review

Shmusicup, shoot music up, is an indie music rhythm game that fuses the classic shoot’em up top down shooters with music rhythm based games such as audiosurf. What kind of fusion? Basically, it analyses the music pattern of whatever music that is fed into the game and generates a shootingpattern based on that. What players will have to do is to destroy the boss while surviving in such a shooting pattern. Continue reading

iPhone Rolldoku Review

rolldokuRolldoku is a fresh new take on the concept behind Sudoku. It is a puzzle game that requires you to fill in boxes within a grid and ensure that within each huge box, row and column, there is only one unique individual number (meaning numbers 1 – 9 without any repetition within that row, column or huge box). Instead of filling in numbers at will, rolldoku requires players to roll and scroll through a cylinder of numbers, swap the rows around etc in order to complete the puzzle. Continue reading

iPad Pinch 2 HD Review

Pinch is back again! The fun and intelligent puzzle game has a new sequel with all new challenging puzzles that will make your brain work! For those who are unaware of the game, Pinch 2 HD is based on the exact same concept of Pinch: You are to combine, split, mix and match the different coloured norbs (the circular balls) to access different places within a particular level. The ultimate aim is to get the required amount of norbs into the finishing line. That comes with some thinking as each level consists of several puzzle elements such as switches, pit holes and so on! Read on for the in-depth review. Continue reading

Browser FPS BeGone Review

BeGone is an online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is playable from your browser. The only necessary requirement of the game is for a plug-in to be installed. It features your basic typical FPS multiplayer gameplay where there are two teams and the first team to eliminate the other wins. There is no registration required, just visit the site and you can get to play a match just like that. How exactly does this browser game fair? Read on for a more in-depth review of the game, and remember to check out the slotzo spielen games as well. Note that this review is based on the latest version played as of this article is written. Continue reading

iPad Speedball 2 Evolution Review

Speedball 2 Evolution is a remake of the The Bitmap Brothers’ classic sports game for the iOS. Nope, I’m too young to be able to tell you that I have enjoyed playing the classic back in the old days but I can tell you that I did enjoy playing the remake version for the iOS. Speedball 2 Evolution, as described by the developers, is a mix of football and hockey. After playing, I must say it is more like a mix of hockey and handball instead. There is the physical play of hockey plus the handling and scoring like handball except that you can simply carry the ball while running without the need of bouncing the ball. This isn’t walking down memory lane for me but how exactly does the game fair? Read on for the full review. Continue reading

iPhone Stack the Countries Review

Stack the Countries is developed by the same person who did the other educational games like Rocket Math and Stack the States. If you’ve played Stack the States, Stack the Countries is the exact same thing but with a focus on an international global scale rather than just the states within the United States of America. Anyways, Stack the Countries is an educational game that is designed to teach children, or rather players, about the different countries around the world. You get to learn about the different capitals, the major landmarks and unique features of that particular country. Continue reading