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PC The Great White Destroyer Review

The Great White Destroyer is an Indie PC game developed by independent developer Backyard Ninja. It plays as an arcade action game, something to that of a beat’em up (more of eat’em up in this case) where the main objective is to simply destroy and eat whatever that is in your way. You play as a great white shark and like the title of the game states, you are a destroyer. Yes you destroy everything and anything that pisses you off along the way land or sea. Continue reading

PC Mafia 2 Review

cover artMafia, a secret criminal organization operating mainly in the United States and Italy and engaged in illegal activities such as gambling, drug-dealing, protection, and prostitution. With that definition in our head, Mafia 2 is basically a third-person action adventure game that revolves around such an idea. It is the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (the first Mafia game) and is out for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. (All experience based on playthrough on PC version) There might be some spoilers in the review so do read with caution. Continue reading

PC Academagia Review

Academagia: The Making of Mages is an indie title by Black Chicken Studios. It is a life simulation game where it puts players into a situation of a young growing wizard. It plays as a text-based game with a Harry Potter like theme. In fact, the similarities between the Harry Potter world and that of Academagia are plentiful. Many concepts, ideas etc within the game can be seen in parallel to that of the Harry Potter series. If you are in love with the fantasy wizard and magician world, Academagia might be the perfect match for you. Continue reading

Booster Trooper Review

Booster Trooper is an indie game developed by DnS Development. The gameplay is similar to that of Bionic Commando Rearmed (the multiplayer part of it) and the other indie game named Soldat. It puts players in a specific selected map or level and within each round you simply battle it out with other players. It plays like an action side-scroller with the use of both the keyboard and mouse for movement and firing. The game is out in Steam for $9.99 USD. Continue reading

PC Alpha Protocol Review

Alpha Protocol Cover

Alpha Protocol, a game that was hyped up by many and after it’s released disappointed many. I myself actually did not hear much of the game or rather, was unaware of it (not sure if it is good or bad). From some researching it seems as the situation is that the game is under development for quite some years, around the year 2006 or so. Long development means better game? Perhaps, perhaps. Anyways, back to the review. This review is based on experience playing through the PC version. Do note that the game is out for the X360 and the PS3 as well. Without further ado, let us move on to the review. Continue reading

Awesome Soccer Game Review

menuAwesome Soccer (the title of the game) is developed by the indie company that goes by the name of Red27 Studios. The game, like its title says, is a soccer game. The game allows gamers to choose from the many different countries and their different leagues and teams. However like most other soccer games with an exception of EA Sports’ Fifa series, they do not have the licence for the real team logo and stuff. With all that said, Awesome Soccer is a 2D soccer game that is out for both the MAC and PC. Continue reading

TorchLight Review

Torchlight Title LogoToday, I present to you a review of TorchLight. Not the physical object that helps shine light in dark places, but a game named somewhat after it. TorchLight is a action role-playing game, similar to that of perhaps diablo and FATE. The designers and developers of the game are part of those two games I mentioned, therefore they are extremely similar in terms of game concept and design. The brief outline of the game is basically you choosing a character, taking some quests, go into dungeons, kill the monsters, come back out, finish the quest, repeat. Sounds boringly repetitive? Nah, it is totally addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Continue reading