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Why DIY a NAS?

Having setup and run SwiftNAS (my home’s DIY NAS) for little over a week already, I thought it would be nice to share with you a little of my experience in the form of a comparison against a commercial solution. Why will you choose DIY over commercial? Only by convincingly justifying that question would you embark on this journey. With that I thought it was only logical to go into the comparison first before talking about how I actually gotten my NAS working and running. Read on for my views on DIY vs commercial NAS solution. Continue reading

DIY NAS – Purchasing and Assembly

Purchasing the different components and parts of the NAS requires some thinking and deliberation.  While all parts should work as long as they’re paired correctly (e.g socket 1156 motherboard with a socket 1156 cpu), some parts are “better” than others. When I say “better” I mean they are more value for money or if they serve a particular purpose more effectively. I’ve spent quite some time researching on the different parts available locally before coming to the decision which encompasses of the parts listed in this post. Continue reading

DIY NAS – Decision Making

Long long ago, I’ve owned a Network-Attached Storage. One word, it was crap. It was cheap and the performance spoke for it. It was my first time dwelling into the world of network storage and being totally new, I opted for a budget solution. It was fun configuring the different settings (though few) and additionally, the access to a common hard drive (HDD) is convenient and useful. With that said, the transfer speed was horrendous and it became a fact that it was going to be a huge paperweight with performances like that. I must admit though that my knowledge of networking stuff and the network infrastructure of my house was not that much to be proud of then. Nevertheless, the performance was totally abysmal even for that point of time and it was not long after did I finally took it down to serve as a dust collector. A few years on and I’m back again setting up yet another NAS. Continue reading

SIGHT The Future of Seeing

The future of seeing is right here in this very short film. How will you imagine our future to be? Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo sure has taken the gift of sight to a whole new level. Welcome to the future, where augmented reality is everything. It sure is cool to have such technology but as the video also suggests *SPOILER*, it may be a danger as well. See it to believe.

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Audio Recording Upgrade: Blue Yeti Microphone

I’ve been making videos for quite some time already. For all my audio recordings so far, I’ve been relying on the microphone on either the video camera or on my headset. Neither of them are good solutions for recording but I had to make do with what I have. Having endured the poor audio recording quality for months, I’ve decided to spend some money to buy a better microphone. With careful considerations and in-depth research, I’ve narrowed down my options to 2 USB microphones. They are the Audio-Technica AT2020 and the Blue Yeti microphones. The title of the article should tell you what I eventually ended up with. Continue reading

Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm

Meet BRAD, Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm. Automated lighting, curtains and music are just some of the functionalities of BRAD. BRAD responds to voice commands, apps on various platforms and timer based scripts. This is indeed one of the coolest dorm rooms that I have ever come across. To spend that much time, effort and money into making all the different things work is simply worthy of much praise. Read on for some inspirations for your next room makeover project.

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Budget Korean 27” IPS Monitor – Information and Comparison of the Different Brands and Models

These monitors have recently caught the eyes of many netizens. For the past few months they have been hyped up quite dramatically due to the sheer value they have. I present to you the budget Korean 27” IPS monitors. They are sold in Korea for quite some time already but are only known to the world after being spotted on eBay for an extremely attractive price. This post will serve as a short introduction to these monitors as well as a short consumer review on one of the budget monitors that I have recently purchased. Read on for some information that I have researched and collected prior to purchasing the monitors followed by my review on the monitor that I bought. Continue reading