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Google Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses

Well the big brother is about to change the way you look at things forever. Introducing Google’s Project Glass, augmented reality is coming soon right before your very own eyes. See the world in a totally different manner. It totally feels like a hollywood movie, just that this time it is going to get real. Getting directions, weather forecasts, latest news and updates will happen right before your eyes. It sounds absolutely futuristically fantastic. Read on for the video introducing Project Glass. Continue reading

Spending Time With OS X

Being an avid Windows user since the day I’ve learnt how to use a computer, I’ve recently decided to step out and broaden my mind and experience the various other different operating systems. I’ve installed Ubuntu on my old laptop a year ago and just a few days back tried to build a Hackintosh. I must admit that I’m always in awe of the user interface and innovation put into the Mac OS. Having a bit more time on my hand, I’ve set up a system that will allow me to start my apple adventure.  Continue reading

The Mechanical Switch: First Time Mechanical Keyboard User

Oh how I love double meanings and puns. Look at how cleverly I have titled this post! “The Mechanical Switch”, get it? “Switch” in the sense of the action of switching from a generic rubber dome keyboard into that of a mechanical keyboard and “switch” also means the mechanical switches that are used in the mechanical keyboards! Please bear with me, I have some literature oral commentary examination in just two days time and I’ve yet to study the texts in detail at all. Anyways, I felt that I have experienced using a mechanical keyboard long enough to express some of my thoughts and feeling about using one. This is by no means a review of mechanical keyboards in general as I’ve only tried the tip of the iceberg in such a field. My experience is also very limited to the keyboard and switch type I am using. Nevertheless, I feel that this might shed some light into what one might expect when making the switch. Continue reading

Chinese Imitation “Shanzai” Industry Documentary

Chinese imitation goods, famous worldwide for their blatant accurate copies of  the design of popular goods but with terrible performance and quality. All kinds of goods in fact are imitated; we have fake soccer jerseys, fake food, fake gadgets etc. Today, I stumbled across this mini documentary that talks a bit more about the “Shanzai”, chinese imitation, industry in China. Yes learn more about the wiiphone, vii and stuff like that. Read on for the documentary. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface 2 – A Big Ass Table

I used to remember watching a parody years back on the introduction of the microsoft surface. Microsoft surface is something similar to that of your smart phones and touch screen devices. Instead of being a phone or a computer, it is built in the form of the size similar to that of a television. Yup, a touch screen device of that size. It was first introduced to be in the form of a table, serving the purpose of both a table and that of your mini computer of some sort. Now they’re saying that you can put it anywhere on the walls etc. If it is placed on a table, it sure is a huge ass table alright. In the very recent Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES), Microsoft is back again with supposedly the newer version of their Microsoft Surface. Watched several videos on it and it sure looks awesome! Read on for some videos that showcases this huge ass awesome table. Continue reading