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MōVI – The Ultimate Handheld Camera Stabilizer

If you’re into cinematography, video capturing, cameras and anything that deals with capturing/recording light through devices, this upcoming product will be sure to please you. Stabilizing a camera while moving isn’t a simple task. There are several types of stabilizers and even for handheld stabilizers, there are different form, sizes and of course performance. The MōVI produces some of the most outstanding results that I’ve seen. Behind the scenes action of the stabilizer after the break.

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Most Schools Don’t Teach Programming

This is a short film (documentary) on what most schools don’t teach. Yes, this subject or thing is programing/coding (whichever way you want to call it). I got to learn some programming in my junior college years through my chosen subject of computer science. I absolutely enjoyed the process of every single application that I’ve coded (even the most basic ones). It is even more satisfying to see the application work and come alive. From mere words, or code, into full fledged working applications that perform the task you decide it to.

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Why is Minecraft Fun?

Do you know what Minecraft is? If you don’t, shame on no one. Minecraft is a sandbox indie game that is played by millions and millions of people all over the world. In the game, you are able to place down different types of blocks to form and create anything you want. There are outstanding “art” pieces out there created solely using the game itself. From massive recreations of iconic movie scenes to insanely innovative use of the in-game scripting mechanics to create calculators and devices, Minecraft has seen people done the most incredible and creative stuff. So why is minecraft fun? Let two kids tell you why. Continue reading

Lego Pop-up

Lego bricks are building blocks for great sculptures, models and all kinds of things. They come in various form and sizes, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. I’ve come across several marvellous works and art pieces based off Lego bricks. What I’ve never seen before though is the use of these hard Lego pieces to create pop-up art. The video after the break. Continue reading

SIGHT The Future of Seeing

The future of seeing is right here in this very short film. How will you imagine our future to be? Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo sure has taken the gift of sight to a whole new level. Welcome to the future, where augmented reality is everything. It sure is cool to have such technology but as the video also suggests *SPOILER*, it may be a danger as well. See it to believe.

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