Why is Minecraft Fun?

Do you know what Minecraft is? If you don’t, shame on no one. Minecraft is a sandbox indie game that is played by millions and millions of people all over the world. In the game, you are able to place down different types of blocks to form and create anything you want. There are outstanding “art” pieces out there created solely using the game itself. From massive recreations of iconic movie scenes to insanely innovative use of the in-game scripting mechanics to create calculators and devices, Minecraft has seen people done the most incredible and creative stuff. So why is minecraft fun? Let two kids tell you why.

I’ve gotten the game. I’ve played a minute or two and havenot touched it since then. Minecraft is the kind of the game you will want to play with many different people, friends preferrably. Its those sort of community based games where you can just hang around do stuff together and have fun. Imagine it, then build it, together hopefully.

If you’re playing alone, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much. At least I didn’t. Have fun building!

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