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First & Current Impressions Review


After numerous free hosts I tried, I must say that Kwix-Host is the best. It is reliable, stable and simply provides quality plans both reasonable for them, providers, and us, users. Kwix-Host, backend up with a tremendous amount of positive reviews and near perfect uptime, I decided to venture into it. At that time I must say I hated post-to-host providers. That is because I have learnt that I am pretty much exchanging my precious time for hosts that were going down the next week or so. However, Kwix-Host did not disappoint me. It has already been a month or two since I had them hosting me and never did a single time it was down nor caused me much problems. All I can say is that I am really glad to have such a provider, and I really hope that it stays that way forever (Until I decide to go into paid hosting).

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Advertlets – new site for revenue

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First impressions review


Advertlets is a new site I found through reading through some forums as well as browsing through some other people’s website. It is another site which provides services for both parties. People who want to advertise their site and people who want to publish those ads while earning some money for themselves in the process. When I first got into the site, I was rather happy and pleased with the site design. It is clean, simple and its colours give a rather warm feeling. It is simply pleasing to the eye I must admit. First impression always matters a lot and even though there is a saying going by not judging a book by its cover, many people still do so. And I am no exception. By just looking at the site design, I must say that Advertlets has a bright future ahead for them.


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A new beginning

A new blog, a new site, a new beginning.

So far wordpress seems much better than blogger. Plugins themes etc all seems much better. Possibilities is what wordpress provides while blogger provides… hmm those normal boring unoriginal blogging stuff where almost every blogging softwares have now.

I’ll keep it short as I’m still working on the site installing some plugins, and sooner or later the blog will be started fully filled with much content (reviews, news etc)

Thats it, good bye.