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iPrototype Parody of Recent iPhone 4G Incident

iPrototype, the product that will revolutionize the world. Haha I laughed my way through the whole video. This parody apparently is done by some seasoned fellows that do short comedy films. This time they took the recent incident whereby the newest 4th generation iPhone was left in a bar and made a humorous parody out of it 9with the product of the iPad in play as well!). Read on to view the video!
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The Glowing Void Review

The Glowing Void is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are 2 different objectives to the game depending on the mode selected. Both modes however, follow the same concept and that is to create as many voids as possible without touching any of the red balls while in process of generating a void. Confused? Read on to find out more about this puzzle game. Continue reading

Caster HD iPhone Review

Caster HD is a 3d action shooter for the iPad and the iPhone/iTouch. It is basically a revamped version of “Caster”, the same game from similar developers released a few months back, to make it look better and play better (perhaps?) on the iPad. I am rather Sad to say that the iPads have yet to reach my country and would not be coming any time soon due to the latest delay of shipping globally. Therefore the game is actually reviewed using the iPhone device to play it and all experience reviewed is purely based on the game being played on the iPhone. Caster HD is now out for $4.99 at your local appstore (or if you don’t intend to play it on your iPad, get the older version Caster at $2.99). Continue reading

Stranded Without a Phone Review

Stranded Without a Phone is a puzzle RPG simulation liked game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It plays a little like the Sims with a touch of puzzle elements such as combining items and stuff as well as RPG elements such as efficiency in hunting and so on. If you are going hunting make sure to bring your best rifle and your spotting scope. I love simulation games and Stranded Without a Phone is no doubt a rather interesting and addictive game. It is now out for $1.99 at your local Appstore. Continue reading

Twistrix Game Review

Twistrix is a classic style puzzler in which players pit their brains against pre-defined coloured ball puzzles. The main objective is to shift the balls and their placement to get all similar coloured balls in a single column. It works something like the rubix cube just that now it is played in a cylinder format (strategy etc all different). The game is now out for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the price of $0.99 Continue reading

CubeHead iPhone Game Review

The King Has Returned In CubeHead or Cubehead in short is a bejeweled puzzle styled game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are some tweaks to the gameplay concept but overall it still closely follows that of bejeweled. Instead of swapping the different shapes’ positions, you shift the columns and rows to match a combination of 3 or more similar shapes within a straight line or row. The game is now out for $0.99 at your local appstore. Continue reading