The Glowing Void Review

The Glowing Void is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are 2 different objectives to the game depending on the mode selected. Both modes however, follow the same concept and that is to create as many voids as possible without touching any of the red balls while in process of generating a void. Confused? Read on to find out more about this puzzle game.

The game presents you with a situation where there are different amounts of moving red balls/dots. You are supposed to create voids/circles to either gain points or fill up the space (depending on the mode). The larger the circle created the higher score you get per circle. The score multiplies while the size of the circle increases thus if you are aiming for the high-score boards, you definitely have to try aim for the biggest circle per generation. While generating, you have to avoid the moving red dots from touching your circle else you will lose both the circle and a life.Glowing Void Title Screen


There are two modes available namely Filler and Burst. For the Filler mode, you have to create voids while avoiding touching the red dots. The red dots increases as you proceed through the stages. The main objective of filler mode is to gain as much points as possible while filling of the space available to proceed on to the next stage. Burst mode is whereby you have unlimited amount of time to create as many voids as possible to gain the highest score you can with a given amount of lives (mainly 3). The voids disappear once generation is completed awarding you the score depending on the size of the circle. There are 3 different difficulty modes where the varying difficulties result in different amount of red dots within the level.Glowing Void Insane Stages


You create voids by touching and holding on to the position of the screen where you desire to generate the circle. The void then slowly increases in size and you can let go once you are happy with the size (or if a red dot is approaching). You can drag your finger to move the void during generation. This adds an action element to the game where you try to dodge the red dots. The game also allows you to tilt your device accordingly to move the created voids. By doing so, you can thus trap the red dots or make a temporary shield to generate another void. Overall the controls feel smooth and responsive.

The difficulty of the game increases as you progress through the stages especially for the Filler mode. Soon you will find yourself in a situation where the screen is almost flooded with red dots everywhere. That is when strategy comes in whereby you create a few smaller voids first and make them reflect the other red dots away from a zone. That is what I usually do and if you have any other strategies that are fantastic do share them. Overall the pace of the game is great and it definitely gets you hooked on to it.Glowing Void Generating a Void


The presence of an online high-score board is a nice touch. It makes the game a little more competitive for gamers who love to see their nicknames on the top of the global charts. With great classification of the different modes and categories, one can practice and excel in one mode and still get to be one of the top players.

The visuals as well as the sound complement each other fantastically. The simplistic neon styled graphics with the dreamy space like (Sorry no idea how to explain such music, someone do enlighten me) background music do enhance the game a little. I never am particular about puzzle games when music and graphics are in concern. I mean if the puzzle is good and challenging, that is more than one can ask for.

The only major problem of the game is the requirements of it. For people owning the 1st generation iPod Touch, I would strongly suggest not buying the game since it is almost unplayable towards the later stages (even the beginning stages of the game you feel the lag). It gets extremely frustrating and controls hardly respond to your actions and as the number of red dots and objects increase within a level, the game becomes like a slide show at times. Other than that if you have a newer model of the iPod Touch and iPhone, it is no problem and the game runs as smooth as silk.Glowing Void Level Completed


For the mere price of $0.99, you get a challenging and fun puzzle game that will get most of you hooked on to it; simple addictive fun. Pick it up and play immediately, not much need to be said. Concept isn’t unique since I did see such games appearing as flash games within websites but the way it is executed is well done and praise worthy. I say, get it for people with the extra cash and recommend it for those comparing among $1.99 games to purchase for the weekend.

P.S The game was both tested on the iPod Touch 1st Gen and iPhone 3GS.

iTunes App Store Link: The Glowing Void $1.99

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