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Twistrix is a classic style puzzler in which players pit their brains against pre-defined coloured ball puzzles. The main objective is to shift the balls and their placement to get all similar coloured balls in a single column. It works something like the rubix cube just that now it is played in a cylinder format (strategy etc all different). The game is now out for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the price of $0.99

Twistrix is a great mechanical puzzle game.  It really challenges your mind and thinking ability. It starts off with easy puzzles to get you going with the game concept and the strategies involved. As you progress through the stages, the difficulty increases as the number of empty cells decreases (less room for you to play with) and number of colours increases. This gradual increase in difficulty is welcomed as you get to practice before attempting the harder puzzles. This also ensures a constant interest within the game.

You control the cylinder and the balls by flicking motions. Flicking the row left or right shifts it accordingly, flicking balls up and down pushes them up and down and flicking outside of the cylinder allows you to view the cylinder in the different angles. The controls are simple and effective but require some polishing as it isn’t as smooth as what I expected it to be. Maybe it is just me but yeah kind of disturbing for me at times; A rather minor detail, nothing game shattering or anything.

There are a total of 36 levels and they can only be unlocked once you reach them. I would rather they unlock the levels in sets so players won’t face to problem of getting stuck and not being able to proceed any further with the game. The game only offers one mode and that is the puzzles. There doesn’t seem to be any high score board or records within the game but it seem to time your progress for each level. I guess you’ll have to record them down manually if you wanted to challenge your friends. Graphics are simple and music uninspiring. Puzzle games often come in such packages so I have not much problem with that. Ignoring the music and sound effects aside, start hearing some of your inspirational songs to unlock the strategies of the game.

For $0.99 the puzzles provided seem to be fun and sufficiently challenging. The lack in modes or any other special features might be discouraging but what else can you ask from a puzzle game? There are great puzzle games out there for the same price, you might want to consider your alternatives first before deciding on Twistrix. Don’t get me wrong, the puzzles are great and intellectual but the competing games of similar genre are no worse.

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