The Pot Calling the Kettles Black

The Pans and Pots
I am the pot, and I go around calling the other kettles black. Not only do I call them black, I tell them how they were useless, how they can’t perform tasks as efficiently as me. How I can boil water faster than them, how my material was of top quality and theirs of rubbish. I go around, doing that often feeling high about myself. I go around, humiliating the kettles, making them feel useless.

ONE DAY, I decided to have a match between one of the kettles and me. The competition was about boiling water. Whoever can boil the water the fastest, wins. So we both set off, filling ourselves with equal amount of water. We plugged ourselves into the electric socket and set on the switch. There we go, racing against time trying to beat one another. I tried my best, to boil the water. However, I lost, the kettle boiled the water faster than me. The kettle not only won me, but destroyed me completely. The kettle finished boiling the water within minutes before I did.

What about all that bragging I’ve done earlier on? I just gotten hit right back at my face, really hard. I was worse, yet I still went on calling the kettles useless. I lost not by a small margin of seconds, instead, I lost by minutes.

Thats it, I shan’t boil water no more. I shall quit boiling water from now on. I shall boil, soup instead.

[image by: chickenscrawl]

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