OmniBall for the iPhone

OMNIBALL, from Vendetta Studios, has finally hit the virtual shelf and is ready for download in the iTunes App Store priced at $0.99. A lite demo version of the game is also available for download for free.

So what’s so special about this game versus the other mounds of applications and games found in the App Store?

Vendetta Studio’s first release for the iPhone/iPod Touch, called Omniball is a ping-pong game with a futuristic feel, with a multitude of features including one we have yet to see very much of yet: Multiplayer via Bluetooth®. Play versus another player on their device via Bluetooth®.

Omniball also includes a multitude of other features including same device Multiplayer Versus, Single Survival, Single Versus AI modes, online leader boards, neon-futuristic visuals, 3 original music tracks from artist 8-bit w0nder, and intuitive touch and swipe controls.

Jason David Cook, designer and lead artist for Omniball, talks about this inspiration: “We wanted to take something as simple as the 2D ping-pong genre, and take it in a new direction. And that’s literally what we did: we took it in every direction, to the full 360 degrees. That’s where the name came from, Omniball, and that’s also what makes it unique.”

In Omniball, players rotate color-coded paddles around a circular arena to prevent a color-changing ball from exiting the ring. Multiplayer puts a new spin on things: while of course you can play a single friend on the same device, you can also play someone using their own device via Bluetooth. This feature will allow you and another friend to band together from their iPhone or iPod Touch for a few matches of some sweet, sweet Omniball action.

Official Website Link: OmniBall Vendetta Studios

Itunes AppStore Link: OmniBall Lite OmniBall

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